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Colour Therapy For Headaches

 Using colour therapy for headaches

Colour Consultation Case study example

colour therapy case study

Using Colour Therapy for headaches is just one of the many things that colour therapy is helpful with. Mr. W first came to me for a treatment to help with his bad back and he suffers with sleep apnoea due to being overweight. He said that he always feels tired and sluggish and frequently has headaches.  Before arriving I had asked Mr.W to wear neutral or white clothing for the best effects, he wore light beige trousers and a white top.

Preparation for consultation
Upon arriving I had a brief friendly chat with Mr.W, offered him a glass of water which he accepted, I use blue polarised water as this has wonderful healing properties, especially when concerning the throat, ears, eyes and nose, I thought this would be helpful with his sleep apnoea and headaches.  I asked Mr.W to fill out a treatment card whilst I made the last minute touches to the treatment room.
To prepare the room I had put bergamot in the oil burner and some jasmine scented candles burning in the corner, the room is a pastel peach colour and is very warm and inviting, there is gentle music playing in the background. I have colour change light bulbs so I can do irradiation and a small colour torch so I can do colour acupuncture. I also have a variety of crystals available as I like to use this within the treatments.  As I cleansed the treatment room I asked for me and my client to be protected from any negative energy and that this treatment is used for his highest good.


Using Colour Cards: I showed Mr.W the coloured cards and asked him to pick the colour he was most drawn too, and then a second then a third, he chose Violet then Yellow then Red. colour cards

When asked if there were any colours he didn’t like; he said he didn’t like the blue. I also asked the client to colour in a basic mandala to see what colours he chose; he mainly used the colours yellow, purple and turquoise.  After talking to Mr.W about these colours he told me he wasn’t very happy in his job but lacked confidence and self esteem in himself to do anything about it and change his job, he stated this is due to him being heavily over weight and not happy within himself.


Commencing Treatment: Requested Mr.W to lie down on the treatment couch and get comfortable so we could start; I asked if he was warm enough to which he stated he was, I informed him there was blankets available and to just ask if he felt cold.  To begin with I opted for colour irradiation, here I used a violet light to begin with as it is an appetite suppressant and left him for 10 minutes relaxing in the violet light, I then used yellow light to cleanse the body working on self worth and self love. Then using a colour torch I focused the yellow light over the solar plexus to cleanse and purify the pancreas and spleen, this washes and releases any negative energy being held there, I then used violet light again to purge the spleen.

Next I focused on eliminating the bad headaches Mr.W said he was suffering with, for this I alternated between green and magenta lights, focusing the light on the base of the spine.

Using Crystals

I asked Mr.W if he was ok and asked if it was ok for me to incorporate a crystal treatment using coloured crystals on the chakra points, he was happy for me to go ahead with the treatment. I placed a white sheet over Mr.W up to his shoulders and chose crystals which corresponded to each chakra. I chose the crystals by dowsing with a pendulum. For the following I chose:


  • The Crown Chakra – Prehnite
  • The Third Eye Chakra – Smokey Quartz
  • The Throat Chakra – Turquoise
  • The Heart Chakra – Emerald
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra – Tigers Eye
  • The Sacral Chakra – Chrysophrase
  • The Root Chakra – Garnet


I tuned into the client by holding my hands above his head and asking for the healing to be for his highest good. I then cleared away the energy by sweeping away any negative blocked energy, starting at the feet and moving upwards. All the crystals were cleansed and programmed before the treatment and then placed on the chakra points after the energy had been cleared. I left the client to relax for ten minutes whilst I went away and wrote up some notes, upon returning I then balanced the chakras using my palms then sealed the aura using a figure of eight treatment. I ending this section by giving thanks for all that was received and left the client to slowing wake up at attune back to the present moment.

Lastly I decided to do some colour acupuncture; I used a small quartz crystal as this amplifies the colours vibration making it much more powerful. I shone the light through the quartz crystal onto each chakra in turn for 5 minutes each.


After the treatment I assisted Mr.W to slowly sit up but I asked him to remain on the couch whilst he had some more water, I said it was normal to feel a bit light headed after a treatment and recommended he drink plenty of water and refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking or eating too much red meat in the following 48 hours. I had printed off some colour breathing techniques and affirmations to give him which I went through with him, for the colour breathing I recommended he imagined the colours spring green and turquoise. For the colour affirmations I suggested the following two:


  • Indigo – The midnight blue of the indigo ray cleanses and purifies my whole being. The indigo ray brings me power to see the purpose in my life. I can see clearly and radiate love and integrity.
  • Yellow – The Golden yellow light empowers me, lighting up my whole being. I am worthy of my own self-love. The yellow ray brings clarity to my thinking and wisdom in my affairs.

Using Affirmations

I suggested two affirmations to see if he felt drawn to one in particular over the other or if not it gave him the option to choose, I felt both would help him and said he could always say both. For clothing I suggested that Mr.W tried to incorporate some yellow, blue and green colours into the clothing that he wears. Looking at his health and lifestyle I also suggested he ate more foods that contained green and blue rays, I listed off some foods he may like to try and incorporate into his diet and suggested going for a short brisk walk everyday would help greatly benefit his health.


I asked the client if he would be happy to fill out a feedback form for me which he happily obliged. I also noted down all the colours, crystals, oils etc that I had used and on what area and why so I had a record for future use. Mr.W said he had enjoyed the session and was likely to have another treatment with me felt is health had already greatly improved.


Would you like to learn more about colour therapy also known as chromotherapy?

Because we absorb colour through our skin and our aura, colour energy affects us on all levels. Colour therapy is a non-invasive holistic treatment and a professional therapist will heighten your awareness of how colour works for healing purposes. When used in the correct way, Colour can have an amazing healing effect on us as humans as well as animals.
Fact: – It is a scientific fact that everything has a vibration, that is to say that all things have their own vibration/frequency, and that includes you and your clients.
It is said that a therapist trained in chromotherapy/colour therapy can use light in the form of color/colour to balance “energy” wherever a person’s body be lacking, whether on physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels.

As colour therapy also works with well with Animal you may like to use this combined with our animal healing course. 

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