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Reflexology consultation for anxiety

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reflexology massage

Details of treatment:

HISTORY: Client is a married 37yr old female with 2 children. Currently working in the public sector.  Client states she suffers from anxiety, low blood pressure, and in November 2015 she was in a car accident and still suffers from neck pain and stiffness. Client states is currently working with her doctor and sees a Massage Therapist that has been recommended by her physician on a regular basis. Client states that she does not want to contradict her doctor’s orders, but she feels that Reflexology will be a great solution for the anxiety that has increased from the car accident.

The client has discussed having a reflexology treatment with her physician and client states her doctor is not opposed to the treatment. The client did request that there be no added essential oils or additional scents added to the treatment, client states struggles with allergies and does not want them to be triggered from the massage oil. The client notes as well that she does have eczema, but this does not affect her feet or lower legs.

The client states that she does take Vitamin D as a daily vitamin and takes no other vitamins, minerals or other herbal remedies or medication.

TREATMENT: I started the treatment by making sure all of the equipment was clean and set up with fresh linen and towels. I thoroughly washed my hands and guided the client to the treatment area. The client did not want a robe and advised that he was comfortable in the clothing that she had on (loose fitting knee length shorts and a non-restrictive shirt). I poured her a glass of cucumber infused water to ensure she was adequately hydrated during the session.

fresh towels

Once I ensured that all of the towel bolsters were in place and confirmed with the client that she was comfortable and her back and neck were properly supported, I reviewed the Client History Treatment Card with the client. Then I cleansed the client’s feet with cotton pads and an antiseptic wash. I discussed with the client that I recommended to use of 100% pure Sweet Almond Oil. I discussed with her that normally this is a base oil however, given client’s history of scent allergies and eczema I felt this would be a good option for her treatment. The client agreed that it was a good choice of oil. I discussed with the general guidelines and procedures for a Reflexology treatment for the feet. I advised that client that if at any time she feels pain or discomfort to let me know so that I can adjust the treatment pressure. The client and I decided that she would register her discomfort on a scale from 1 to 10 and the client would notify me of her discomfort if it reached a 7 or more.


I proceeded with effleurage on her feet, ankles and lower leg to evenly spread the oil on the client’s skin. I continued with this movement on the client’s feet, ankles, and legs up to calf a few times. I completed toe circles and then ankle circles in each direction 3 times. And made increasing circles with my hand from her toes down the top of her foot towards her ankle. I then continued with friction on the sides of her feet to warm up the muscles and skins in preparation for the rest of treatment. I wrapped the client’s left foot with a towel to keep it warm until I was ready to proceed with the treatment on that foot.

foot massage

Starting with her right foot, I applied pressure to the solar plexus point and asked my client to take a slow deep breath. I continued on with a few lung presses then went onto walking all five zones of the entire foot. Taking note for any crystals and my clients expressions to ensure that I was not using too much pressure I continued with the treatment. After walking the five zones I focused on the Head reflex and walked the zones of the big toe and followed with the remaining little toes. I held the client’s foot and moved her toes in a circular motion, three times in each direction. I used a rocking motion on the brain reflex and then walked the neck, and hooked into the reflex points on the pad of the big toe. I walked the remaining reflex points along the base of toes. I walked the spine reflex from the heel to the big toe and followed with a soothing spine twist for five seconds. I walked down the zones on the front of the metatarsals. And then down the zone of metatarsals of the underside of the foot. I walked across the diaphragm and circled the gallbladder, kidney and stomach reflex points. I then walked the five zones from the waist line to the diaphragm line, I then walked horizontally the liver reflex and the spleen reflex. I continued to walk the zones from the heel to the waist line reflex and walked the ascending colon reflex and across the transverse colon reflex.

I circled the uterus and ovaries reflex point and walked up both sides of the fallopian tube reflex to the top of foot three times. The client interrupted to say that this move was quite soothing for her. I circled the ankle bones and gently squeezed then moved my hand up the rectum reflex and continued up the back of the client’s calf to the back of her knee. I held the client’s foot and heel to complete ankle circles three times in each direction. I held my clients foot with both hands and completed circles with my fingers down the top of the client’s foot towards the ankle and circled the top of her foot with my fingers back towards her toes. With my thumbs I applied medium pressure as I moved from the top of the foot pad down the center of the client’s foots to her heel. I completed this movement three times. I used brisk friction with my palms to the sides of the client’s foot. Then I circled her ankles and few times and finished with effleurage from her ankle to calf three times. I wrapped the clients foot with a clean towel to keep it warm and then repeated the same routine on the client’s left foot and leg.

Once I was completed the routine on the left foot and leg, I unwrapped the right foot and completed some soothing effleurage movements from knee to toes on both feet. I ended with pressing on the solar plexus reflex point on both feet and asking my client to take few slow deep breaths. I encouraged my client to have a drink of water and advised her to drink plenty of water for the rest of the day to ensure the toxins would be flushed efficiently from her body. I discussed the possibility of a healing crisis and advised the client that this is a normal occurrence that sometimes takes place after an energy balancing or holistic treatment and adequately hydrating her body would assist with minimizing the effects of a healing crisis.

I asked the client how she was feeling after the treatment. She stated that she was feeling more relaxed and would like to try some aromatherapy or a lightly scented massage oil for her next treatment. I inquired how her neck was feeling. I wanted to ensure that sitting in one place for this length of time did not cause any additional pain or stiffness. The client advised that she did not notice any additional discomfort with her neck. The client states that her feet feel “free”. She states she can’t really explain the feeling but it is a good one. She advised that her feet feel loose as if they were tight with knots that have been loosened.

drinking water

AFTERCARE: I advised my client to continue with plenty of water or infused water for the remainder of the day to ensure proper flushing of toxins and adequate hydration. I discussed with the client the importance of rest if she is tired or feeling weak, her history did note of low blood pressure. Client was advised to follow up with her doctor if she feels any of her current symptoms worsen.


FEEDBACK: Client contacted me in the late evening of the treatment. She wanted to thank me again. She advised that she was in good mood for the rest of the day, she felt really relaxed. Her feet feel great and even her stomach has a lighter feeling. She told me that she was able to repair her flower bed and weeded her garden, which she was not normally able to do that much up and down motion. I thanked her for the kind words and let her know that I was available in the future if she would like another treatment.

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