Reiki Colour Therapy Case Study

Treatment Card
My client is a 35 year old male working in the tourist industry in Barcelona. He came to me with a complaint of intermittent diarrhoea and constipation spanning over more than one week with no result from medication prescribed by his GP. While filling out a treatment card I discovered that my patient’s eating habits hadn’t changed or discoveries of any allergies which would warrant such a reaction. I also found out that he wasn’t undergoing any medical treatment or has any permanent condition which would not allow him to undergo Reiki therapy. Whilst chatting with him I observed he was carrying his bag on his lap with his arms closed around it. This informed me that his Sacral Chakra was possibly blocked, causing the symptoms of diarrhoea and constipation. During the chat he also mentioned being more sexually active with a number of partners which to an extent found difficult to cope with as he was lacking a level of commitment which could be found in a relationship.

We agreed on a series if Reiki therapy combined with colour therapy for self love and the possibility of starting NLP sessions to get to the root of his problem, being lack of acceptance of his current situation. Before commencing treatment I prepared the room with candles, dimmed lights and soft background music to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The dimmed lights consisted of
lamp projecting and orange hue into the room for the element of colour therapy, working on my patient’s Sacral Chakra. I invited my patient to lie down on the treatment table ensuring he was comfortable asking him to remove jewellery and watches and to loosen any clothing as he saw
appropriate. I also placed a pillow under his knees to support his lower back area.

Kanji Positions & Grounding
I asked him to make himself comfortable while I washed my hands and removed my jewellery and watch. Once back in the treatment room I proceeded to enhance the energy received during the treatment by assuming the three kanji positions, first by placing the tips of my index fingers together while interlacing the other fingers of both hands for about 30 seconds. I continued with kanji position 2 which consists of placing the tips of my middle fingers together while interlacing the other fingers of both hands for a further 30 seconds, after which I concluded with the final kanji position 3 by interlacing all fingers of both my hands so my fingers are between both palms of my hands when closed together. This enabled me to bring in the spiritual energy, to bring the spirits closer and enhance the power available to me and also to tap into my knowing and guidance. I had previously grounded myself with my feet firmly on the ground and my knees slightly bent, shoulder width apart, I imagined a sinking sensation into the ground and that if like a tree I were growing roots into the ground towards the earth’s core energy source. This was done at the head of my client.

Once grounded I set about starting the therapy by rubbing my hands together to generate power and warmth. Upon the first touch and first head position I said to myself power on and assumed the position with my hands over the eyes and face with fingers always together and parallel to the floor.
I worked through the next 3 head positions, allowing five minutes for each position, moving from the temples to back brain and throat placing my hands over the bottom of the jaw line. I followed on with the body placing my hands over the heart, always with my left hand first and right hand on top, diaphragm/rib cage, pelvis effort moving onto the back and over the shoulders, heart and shoulder blades, kidneys and lower back, concluding with the sacrum. I then concluded the treatment by moving into the knees and finishing on the feet. As I had previously identified a problem with my
patient’s sacral chakra, I decided to move back to the abdomen area again, also being that I felt the area to be particularly cold compared to the rest of the body. Once I felt the energy smoothing out I knew I could finish the treatment. I thanked the universe for giving me the energy necessary for the treatment. I told my patient to remain on the table and slowly get up while I washed my hands to energetically disconnect from my client. I then advised him to drink plenty of water and to rest as much as possible during the rest of the day trying to avoid strenuous activity.

After the treatment my patient reported noticing a soothing heat coming from my hands which expanded to different parts and organs of his body. It was also noted a general state of peace and calm, energy transmitted by myself. This told me the treatment was effective.

Learning Reiki – This complete course is ideal for anyone wishing to work with reiki energy – You will gain a full understanding of just how reiki works and how to offer an amazing treatment. Once you have completed Reiki 1 you can then proceed to reiki 2 where you will learn about  how to heal from a distance and the sacred signs that will take you to the next level of this amazing healing ability. Reiki Level 2

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