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For the past 18 months I have been working in a holistic centre close to my home. Before working there I had no psychic abilities & I knew nothing of the angel, auras, chakras or anything else that came with the spiritual word. I kind of thought the ladies in there were a bit crazy to be honest – seeing angels, talking to their crystals, & smudging the negative energies away, after all I was only there to give Massage & Bowen treatments.  
The more time I spent in the center & with the ladies the more I became interested & wanted to know more about anything spiritual or psychic. My boss who is a Reiki master attuned me into my Reiki One. (learn Reiki)  From that day on everything changed! I slowly started becoming more & more involved in spiritually & psychic development.

I started to notice that anytime I went into my treatment room & shut the door I could see a flash of colour in the gap between the door & the frame. I started doing the meditation classes & even buying my first crystal & pendulum. I started asking my pendulum questions all the time. Sometimes it would give me the answers other days I couldn’t get it to work at all. The ladies told me keep practising & one day it would be like second nature & you’ll never have to question its answers. (download a free pendulum guide)

I really enjoyed the meditation classes & before long was going to them every week. I found to be very visual in the meditations & I could always see lots of bright colours. I always left there feeling wonderful. 

Over time I found myself wanting to know more & more about the spiritual world. I started searching the internet for “what’s the spiritual meaning for this or that” & purchasing all sorts of books or mediation or relaxation CD’s. It felt like everytime I went into work the girls would say how much I’m glowing & how much I have spiritually grown as a person & in such a short time frame too. To be honest I felt great too, like this was finally who I was meant to be. I was or should I say I am happy & so thankful to have finally been able to start my spiritual journey!

Over the course of the coming months I took the opportunity to have a few readings with the different readers/mediumships etc in the center I took comfort in the fact that no matter how many reading I had or who I spoke to they all said that this was just the beginning of my spiritual journey & that I have got so much more still to come & that everyone from the spiritual realm was extremely proud of me. This made me really happy. 

As the days go on I have found myself listening to the “voices in my head” more & more & asking them all sorts of questions. I began to trust what I was hearing to be my angels & spirit guides. Today before treating any client I ask to be connected & tune into each client & what treatment is going to benefit them the most. Then at the end of the session I then call upon the angels to cut the cords & clear the room.

I believe since doing my Reiki One & being able to fine tune my spiritual & psychic ability my clientele has grown immensely. I think this also has to do with the fact that I give each & every client Reiki while performing the treatment whether that it’s Bowen or massage. Some days (like any job I guess) I come home feeling exhausted. On these days I now know I’ve come across psychic vampires who are trying to steal & suck up my good energy. I found the part in the course notes on dealing with other peoples negative energy particularly interesting – especially the part about surrounding myself with outward pointing mirrors or calling on Arch angel Michael’s dark blue rays for extra protection. 

Whenever I had a spare minute (which is a rare thing for me) I would be going through the course notes & practicing the exercises to increase my spiritual awareness. A major breakthrough happened to me one day while I was at work. I was with a client & I was sitting in my chair – all of a sudden I could clear as day see Lord Ganesh standing at my clients feet & he was sucking out all her negative energy with a big vacuum like thing & I remember thinking to myself “Wow his vacuum is so loud he’s going to wake her up”. This was a massive achievement for me as it was the first time outside of doing a meditation that I was able to see the spiritual world! 

I really enjoyed doing this course. Even though I have already come along way on my spiritual path already, I still felt like I have learnt so much from this course. Each exercise that was given I would do a meditation then practice it. When I got to using the pendulum exercise there was no one else here so I practiced on my dog. When I first started doing the exercise he looked at me as if to say “what are you doing” but then he relaxed & just laid there & let me continue. I was very pleased when the pendulum started moving in the opposite direction to what it was originally moving. I must say though it must have done some good to him as he was going to the toilet for the rest of the day!

Also during the trance exercise, I did what was asked by recording the session. As soon as I started I could hear & feel a ringing in my ears. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt the ringing in the ears though. Although this time just felt different somehow. I replied the message back once I had finished the exercise & I was surprised to hear that I had actually muttered a few words as well! 

Thank you for allowing me to have to opportunity to do this course, I loved every minute of it & has helped me on my spiritual journey! Love & light to all.

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