Reflexology  Consultation

This is a client wanting a relaxation for an hour on both feet and hands.

I prepare for my early morning appointment at 10:30 am.  Therefore, I am well groomed and make sure my hair is up and my clothing is appropriate and my nails are filed down so that I do not have any sharp hangnails.

I like to arrive early so to make sure everything is cleaned and ready to help my client enjoy her relaxation treatment.

I have her paperwork set out for her to fill out properly when she arrives. I make sure that I have pillows and blankets and all my supplies that I may need all ready. Make sure I have water/Juice/towels/blankets/sheets/pillows and soothing music for her to relax by.

As client arrives I have her fill out the paperwork and then I sit down with her as we go over any medical problems she may have, any medicines she may be taking, any surgeries she may have had or may need, any allergies she may have, and an overall of her food intake or if she exercises, to help me assist  with what kind of pressure we may be using for her treatment.

As I look over her paperwork, I see where she has digestive issues, has started taking a yoga class and tries to eat right and take care of herself.  She has no allergies, and is not taking any medications. 

So I ask her if she had ever had an reflexology done in the past and she said no, so I inform her that it’s a form of a natural therapy that helps to give your body more vital energy and helps to boost your immune system to create a stronger body. Also, if you experience any uncomfortable situations as a stomach, or headache, just drink plenty of water for the body is getting rid of any toxins that may occur. 

As I have my client lay down, I have a pillow under her head and two pillows I put under her feet and cover her with a blanket and have her relax. 

I take a few minutes to think about what I will need to work on and make sure I wash my hands and have them warm and make sure the music is soothing and not too loud and make sure cell phones are off and no disturbances. Thinking that we will be using just Reflexology instead of any Zoning therapy and working on the digestive parts and a gentle but firm touch to help her stay relaxed.

I start by taking the blanket off her left foot and take some oil and rub in my hands and rub her foot all over and up to her calf and then I hold her left foot firm but gentle and find my way to the Solar Plexus and press gently and have her breathe in as I as well take deep breaths an move in small circles on this area.

Then I hold her foot with my left  hand on the top and rotate her foot clockwise three times and then counterclockwise three times and pull toward me and then push back holding firmly. 

Then I take both hands and work with my thumbs starting on the Plantar aspect gently working on the lung area using the Apollo’s breath method and then working down into the digestive system for the stomach area and applying gently pressure as I rotate my thumbs in circling motions to feel for any crystal like substances to be dispersed. I keep on moving downward to the bottom of the heel and then move back up and downward motions using the thumb walking technique applying gentle pressure.

After the thumb walking on the Plantar aspect, I rub softly on the Dorsal aspect working my way down around the ankles and up the calf muscles and gently massage all over.

Then I take each of the toes starting with the Big toe and gently massage. Then on to the second toe and gently massage and then the third toe and the fourth toe and then the fifth toe. As I work each of the toes this is opening the circulation for all the Brain/Sinus/Ear parts.

Then I take the left foot with both hands and gently do the healing tornado technique up and down the plantar going back over the Lung/Breast/Chest area and stomach/spleen/pancreas/kidney/areas and moving down into the intestinal/colon/bladder areas and then holding her foot for a few seconds, then placing under the blanket to keep warm and holding for a few more seconds.

I uncover the right foot and take some coconut oil and rub on her foot and up her calf area and help her to relax.

I locate the Solar Plexus which is located in the Diaphragm area, and place my right thumb on the location as we take a deep breath and hold for a few seconds. Then I take my right hand and gently rotate her foot clockwise for three times and then counterclockwise for three times and pull towards me and push back and begin to massage with small circles working on the chest/lung/breast area looking for any crystals to disperse.

As I massage over all the areas using the Apollo’s breath method and gently applying pressure down over the Stomach/Liver/Gallbladder and move down to the Ascending Colon/

Small intestines as I work up and down the right foot and checking for any crystals to disperse them. 

Then I work on the Toes and start with the Big Toe and massage each of them and on to the second toe and to the third toe and the fourth toe and end up on the fifth. Opening up the circulation for the Brain/Sinus/Eye areas.

Then I take the Dorsal of the Left Foot and massage all over the up the calf area and around the ankles.

Then by using the healing tornado technique on the Plantar I go up and down the foot starting with the Chest/Breast/Lung area and work it all over gently down to the heel and back up again. Then do the thumb walking up and down these areas with a gentle touch and work my way up from the heel to the top area of the plantar.

Then I massage all over the plantar/and Dorsal area up the calf and around the ankles and then hold the left foot firmly and place it under the blanket and cover all up and hold both feet for a few seconds to help relax.

I come over to the side of the table and take the right arm out and tuck the cover under her so I have the right hand.

I take some oil and gently apply the oil on the hand and up the arm to the elbow area and massage gently all over. Then I find the Solar plexus in the palm area located under the second and third finger as you move downward toward the middle of the palm.  I place my thumb and press in and hold for a few seconds.

I then take my thumb and just start poking around to feel any crystals by using the Snake method gently in the palmer area. 

I work over the lower part of the palm area for where the stomach and digestive parts are. On the hands they are more sensitive for older people so use gentle pressure and more massage for to help them relax and feel comfortable.

I take each of the fingers starting with the thumb and finger walk up and then massage each of the fingers. Just small circle motions all over the finger. Then I thumb walk up the pointer finger and then gently massage all over with little circle motions. Then the middle finger thumb walk up and gently massage with little circle motions. Then the ring finger thumb walk up and massage in circle motions. And last pinky finger thumb walk up and massage little circle motions. 

After massaging over the palm and each finger and Dorsal area and rubbing gently I then use the Butterfly touch and gently stroke up the forearm to the elbow and then hold
the hand firmly and tuck back under the blanket and squeeze gently the arm area up and back down to the hand

I now proceed the other side and take out the left hand and tuck under the blanket.

I place some more oil on my hands and rub the left hand and up to forearm to the elbow area and back down.

I then proceed to locate the Solar plexus which is under the middle and fourth finger down to about the middle of the palm.  I proceed to press and hold for a few seconds.

I then take my thumb and move around the palmer area and search for any crystals that may need to be dispersed. I move around slowly because its harder in the hands to feel the crystals because you need to go deeper, but when you have older people want to be gentle.

So I do the circular motions with my thumb as I work around in the palm area and downward to the stomach/spleen/adrenal/small intestines area and make sure I cover all

I then do the thumb walk up each of the fingers and starting with the thumb and then massage all over. Then do the thumb walk up the forefinger and massage the finger with little circle motions. Then do the thumb walk up the middle finger and do the small circular motions and then the ring finger the thumb walk and the circular motions and then the pinky finger thumb walk up and massage with little circular motions with the gentle touch.

Then as I finish with the fingers and the palmer aspect I take and massage with the gentle touch over all the palmer and Dorsal aspects and then using the Butterfly touch stroke up the forearm to the elbow area and down again and then tuck under the cover and gently squeeze the forearm up to the elbow and back to the hand and hold for a few seconds

As I end my sessions I get some water for my client and go over how she feels and help her to understand she needs to drink plenty of water and if she has any questions for me

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