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 I have been using crystals for a long time for my own use and In my treatments. I first bought a clear quartz, rose quartz & and an amethyst pendulum which I use daily. The more I have learnt about crystals the more I love them & the bigger my collection has become. when looking to buy my crystals I only look to buy the ones I am drawn to.

Example Case Study
Miss B comes to me for regular massage but Is very Intrigued In crystal therapy and what I do, so she agreed to be my case study. When arranging her treatment we decided together to use clearing & strengthening techniques during her treatment.

Select the right crystals
Before Client arrived I made my room comfortable & dimmed the lighting, I burned Incense and lit some candles. I meditate before treatments to ask the healing angels and my guide for assistance with this treatment, also asking for protection for me & my home and my client during & after the treatment.  I ask for help in choosing the right crystals to use for this treatment. When she arrived I explained what I would be doing so she was relaxed and fully aware of the treatment, I went through a consultation card before proceeding with the treatment. I asked Client to lie on the couch making sure she was relaxed and comfortable before I began. She had removed all her jewellery and any electrical equipment was switched off I.e. mobile phones, as this can Interfere with the magnetic field.

Opening the Chakras
I put my hands on her shoulders to connect with her energy when working my way through the 7 main chakras In her body visualizing them opening and using my pendulum over each chakra to assist with the opening process of the chakras. For this treatment I chose blue obsidian for the brow chakra, rose quartz for the heart, tiger’s eye for the solar plexus and citrine for the sacral chakra, also a clear quartz & a Smokey quartz.

Crystal Layouts & Closing down
I placed the clear quartz at Clients crown pointing downwards; at her base I placed the smokey quartz just between her legs. I then placed the crystals I had chosen earlier on the chakras, at this point I have a clear quartz In my right hand and using circular movements I work my way down the left side of my client and continuing up the right side. I did this 3 times connecting the crystals to the top and bottom crystals. I left the crystal lay out on the client for approximately 15 minutes. There are lots of different lay outs to use, I always go by the client’s needs but also use my Intuition as my guide. I then took the crystals off and away from my client and stood above her head.  I thanked the angels and my guides for their assistance and their protection during this treatment. I visualized the chakras closing so as not to leave my client open to negative emotions and Influences. I used my pendulum In helping me with this, I then put my hands on clients shoulders and brought her back around.

I went and washed my hands to disconnect from her energy and got her a glass of water. My client sat up and we discussed the treatment. She enjoyed It and felt very relaxed and sleepy and was looking forward to going home and enjoying a restful evening. I asked her to continue drinking water today to help eliminate any toxins and I would call her tomorrow to see how her night was and how she felt. I cleansed my crystals and smudged my treatment room to clear the energy.

The next day my client called me before I had chance to call her, she slept really well and felt balanced and positive. She has booked another treatment as she enjoyed It so much and I suggested having 3 treatments and then possibly following a maintenance program.


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