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Angel healing case study for grief

Using Angel Therapy for Grief

Case study Example of Angel Therapy Treatment

We have many students whom complete their case studies with confidence and compassion, however this particular case study is exceptional and I feel this could offer help to others whom may be suffering from the loss of someone dear and can see how an angel therapist can help with grief. This client also suffers from BiPolar so has others issues from her past that have needed to be resolved.

overcoming grief

Details of treatment:

Grieving Session

My  Client lost her father 2 years ago and her mother 2 months ago. Just to give you some history on Client, she is bi-polar and has had many issues over the years with her illness. Client took care of her parents the last couple of years of their life. Her father was a cruel man who had a drinking problem and could be very difficult when drinking which was a big part of Client’s growing up years. I believe a lot of Client’s issues come from her past though bi-polar is a chemical imbalance it can be made worse in the situations she lived in. She could never live up to her father’s expectations driving her over the edge many times. After her father passed, Client moved in with her mother to better take care of her so she did not have to go to a nursing home which Client had promised her dad. The last couple of years have been very difficult for Client. Client had done well taking care of her mom. She felt needed, which is a normal response for most everyone in their life but especially for someone who is bi-polar.


Client’s mom passed away 2 months ago and she is ready to fall apart. She has been seeing her therapist on a regular basis but did not feel that she was always understood. She turned to me as she knows I had lost my 19 year old son and felt I might understand the grieving phase a little better and she knows I am working in Angel Healing and was hoping I could help her. I told her about the Grieving Angel Healing Ritual and asked if she would be interested in me performing it with her. She jumped at the chance. I explained the process to her and told her she would have to trust me and be open to the angels and believe they could help and guide her through this difficult time. I told her she would have to ask the angels for their help and guidance and she was very willing.

I thought before we performed anything, we needed to clear her house from all the negative energy from the past. Client had been raised in this house even though there were a lot of good times there were just as many bad times at this house.

Chakra Meditation


On Sunday morning I did a Chakra meditation in front of my altar – clearing my chakras, preparing myself for what was to come. On Sunday afternoon, I went to Client’s house. While I took my sage and went through each room asking the angels to remove all the negative energy and replace it with positive energy, filling each room with white light – love, joy and protection I had Client fill out a treatment card.


I then sat at the table and imagined violet light surrounding the house for protection, imagining an angel at each entrance of the home asking for protection for Client and her daughter, who lives with her. I explained to Client what I had done up to that point and what I was preparing to do. I asked her what she expected to receive from our time together. She stated she just wanted to receive some stress relief and maybe be able to sleep a little better at night.

I did a quick 3 minute grounding meditation with Client to help ground her as I do with all my clients, allowing the light to enter the Crown Chakra and down through each charka exiting out of the Root Chakra down into Mother Earth grounding her from the Universe into Mother Earth.

using a pendulum for dowsing chakras

I had Client get on my massage table and using my pendulum going over each chakra I found the following:

Crown–Balanced, Third Eye–Blocked, Throat Chakra–Blocked, Heart–Blocked, Solar Plexus-Balanced, Sacral Chakra-Blocked, Root Chakra-Balanced. I decided o perform a Crystal Clearing. I had previously cleansed my crystals in saltwater overnight. I then took each stone appreciating them and connecting with them. I asked the angels for guidance during this healing session in the best intentions of Client. I then asked each stone if they were ready to go forward with the healing session and the strong energy I received from each stone let me know they were ready.

chakra stones

I used Jasper for the Root, Citrine for the Sacral, Tigers Eye for the Solar Plexus, Rose Quartz for the Heart, Lapis Lazuli for the Throat Chakra, Blue Calcite for the Third Eye and Amethyst for the Crown. I placed each stone on the appropriate chakra. I asked the angels for their assistance as I placed each stone. I waited 15 minutes to allow the crystals to do their magic. I then checked again with my pendulum to find the following:


This time the only chakra that was blocked was the Heart Chakra, which I believed was coming from her grieving process. I had her get back on my table and performed a Chakra & Aura Healing. I went over each chakra and placed my hand 1” above each chakra, from the Root to the Crown, raising and moving my hand in an upward motion to about 15” visualizing the appropriate color of each chakra trying to draw out any negative energy left.

This time when I used my Pendulum, I found that all her Chakras were balanced. Client told me that when I worked on her heart she felt like there was a release of pressure from her chest. I told her it was when the blockage was being removed. I had to work a little longer on her Heart Chakra to have it release the blockage but was glad to hear that she actually felt it when it released.

At this point we stopped, I thought she had been through enough for one day. We had a bottle of water and a snack to rejuvenate ourselves. While we were sitting going over the process of the day, I told her she needed to write a letter to her father and one to her mother.

writing a letter

I told her to write down all her thoughts and emotions, whether good or bad onto the paper. I went over how she could perform a quick 3 minute meditation each morning before starting her day, a grounding meditation allowing the white light, joy, love and peace to filter through her body from the Crown down to her Root and continuing down into the earth grounding her like an oak tree. I also told her to ask the angels for help and guidance as she proceeded with the letters to her parents. I told her she could ask the angels for help anytime or for anything she felt she needed help with. I made her understand the angels are here to help her but can’t unless she asks for their assistance. I told her she could come to my house on Monday and we would continue with the ritual.

Requesting help from the Angels

reiki angel

Client came over to my house with her letters to her mom & dad. I had performed a chakra clearing meditation in the morning before she arrived so I would be balanced. When she arrived we sat in front of my angel altar and I led her through a grounding meditation. I then started our grieving spell. In front of my angel altar, I used my crystal wand and made a circle in the air in a clockwise direction and visualized a bright white pure light emanating from the end of the wand, creating a sacred circle around Client, my altar and myself creating a bubble that surrounded our sacred space. As I was creating the circle with my wand I said:

Heavenly angels fly around here

Cast down a white feather for us to be near

As I cast this circle true and strong

Let the angels guide me to do no wrong

Outside of time and outside of space

Seal our circle with the angel’s grace

I used my compass to determine which direction north was in. At this point I invoked the angels of the compass points to protect and guard our circle on all sides.

I faced north, rang my angel bell 3 times and said:

Angel of the North, Uriel

Angel of magik and dreams and protector of the North

I invoke you to protect this sacred place


I faced the east, rang my angel bell 3 times and said:

Angel of the East, Raphael

Angel of light and divine healer

I invoke you to protect this sacred space


I faced south, rang my angel bell 3 times and said:

Angel of the South, Michael

Angel of justice and strength

I invoke you to protect this sacred space


I faced west, rang my angel bell 3 times and said:

Angel of the West, Gabriel

Angel who guards women and children and brings peace to all

I invoke you to protect this sacred space


I had a piece of construction paper that was 11×14 and a little stronger as Client had written quite a few pages to her mother and father. Together Client and I made a boat. We put her letters, the flowers, petals and blossoms we had previously collected together and placed them all in the boat. We added a little American flag on a toothpick. I had Client place the boat on my altar as I said with my palms down over the boat:

grief boat

Angels bless this spirit boat

It is a symbol of parting of ways

Angels carry Client’s words

To the one who is gone from the earthly ways

Angels bless this spirit boat

And help Client come to terms with the loss.

We left the boat on the altar until Tuesday afternoon when Client was going to return to my  house. At this point I closed the session, releasing the angels in reverse order.


I faced west, rang the angel bell twice and said:

Gabriel Angel of the West, I release you and thank you for your protection

I rang the angel bell once


I faced south, rang the angel bell twice and said:

Michael, Angel of the South, I release you and thank you for your protection

I rang the angel bell once


I faced East, rang the angel bell twice and said:

Raphael, Angel of the East, I release you and thank you for your protection

I rang the angel bell once


I faced North, rang the angel bell twice and said:

Uriel, Angel of the North, I release you and thank you for your protection

I rang the angel bell once


After releasing the angels I took my crystal wand and moved it in a circular motion anti-clockwise, viualizing the bright white pure light being drawn back into the wand and said:

The circle is not broken, it is now an open space

The spell is now broken, by and in the angels grace.


This procedure was to remove the bubble of light I had created bringing us back from the angelic realms to the present. I cleared everything from my altar except for the boat which Client place behind one of my angel statues.


At this point, Client and I had some crackers and cheese with water. I asked Client how she felt and she said she felt more emotionally stable. I was so happy for her but told her she would even feel better once we released the boat tomorrow. I told her if she liked I could do a Chakra meditation with her before she went home and she wanted to so I did. We went back into my angel room, burnt some incense and I led her through the Chakra meditation, having her envision the correct color for each chakra. When we finished I gave her a bottle of water and she headed home.



Client came back on Tuesday and we rode down to the Hudson River, went for a hike and in a clearing where there is a small dock I had Client release the boat as I said:

Angels please come to Client here

Please carry Client’s spell to her loved ones dear

With their spirits forever bound as one

With the love of the angels may Client move on

We went back to my house had some lunch and then I put Client on my massage table one more time and performed another Chakra healing. I checked her chakras with my pendulum and everything was open. Client told me she felt the release in her Heart Chakra again and I told her I believe it was the release of all the negative thoughts and emotions she had been carrying around for all those years.

angel gifts

Client called me on Wednesday and said she had slept better than she had in a very long time. She woke up energized. We plan on doing a session every other week to try to keep her harmonized and in balance.


I think you will agree that this case study offers a magical and healing experience that benefited her client.  If you would like to learn to heal with the help and guidance of angels then you may like to take one of our Angel Therapy Courses. 

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