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If you have ever wondered what its like to have a angel therapy treatment then read our case study taken from one of our students whom offered a relaxing and most beneficial consultaiton to her client which also included a card reading and some reiki healing. 

Treatment:  Reiki and Crystal chakra cleanse and Angel healing and reading:  

Consultation:  with the client, symptoms and concerns: Migraines, tension headaches, usually brought on by stress or alcohol. Mainly symptoms are psychological and mind enduced with an external trigger point. Alcohol exasperates the weakness

Treatment process:
Client shuffles the angels cards and selects 3 Angels cards to assist and with the healing session:  
Purification. Power. Balance. 
I cleanse the room with white light candle burning and incense. 
Client lies down, relaxation and meditation with meditation music in the background. This lasts for aprox  (15 minutes) 

I call in the angels to assist:  Archangel Michael to protect the space myself and the client. Protection , Courage / Strength and Truth. 
Archangel Ralphael to assist with healing and cleansing.  Healing / Mind / Spirit. 
I then explain the treatment and the direction of the angels, angel cards and crystals to assist.

Energy Connections
I then offer Reiki, Chakra cleanse and relaxation for (30 minutes): 
Laying on of hands to cleanse the chakra’s. starting at the root chakra and working up through all 7 chakra’s to the crown.
Crystals placed on the Crown chakra – Seventh chakra and Third Eye chakra – sixth chakra . 
Deliver Reiki mainly focused on the head area.
Crystals placed on the other chakra’s to assist in full unblock of energies – Crystals left for a total of 15 minutes. Correct stones/crystals have been chosen to represent the correct chakra. 

Selecting the Crystals
The selected crystals work in synchronicity with the chakra’s to relieve symptoms and stimulate the chakras if there is an imbalance or block in this area that causes the pain and issues of migraine and headaches. 
Third eye crystal –  Purple – Amethyst. Clear any issues with being afraid of success. Non-Assertive.
Crown chakra crystal – Clear quartz. Clear any issues with depression, frustration, open up to the divine and access the sub conscious and unconscious. 
I then removed the Crystals and the Client relaxes and starts to awaken. 
I worked on a grounding with sage to clear any negative or released energy. I swirled the sage stick around her Aura and burned some essential Lime oil to assist with the grounding. 
Client comes to sit down to discuss the angel cards and session. I gave intuitive insight. 
I mentioned that the Purification to me felt like clearing the mind of issues and old limiting beliefs. Balance the sub-conscious and unconscious thoughts.   Also both areas were unblocked with the chakra and angel healing. Power felt like the client needed to feel her own inner power and relate to external work situations with that in mind.  (15 minutes) 

Client feedback: emotion and an immediate relief came up during the treatment. Their comments were that they felt very relaxed, tranquil and balanced. No pain in the body and powerful angelic realm feeling swirling around in the room. Happy with the reading and accuracy that it seemed to represent. The client would like to undertake further sessions and balance, cleanse and support.  

After care I told the client of the angels they can call on to help support, clear and empower their emotions and clear stress related to the concerns and pain in the body. Archangel Michael for intense work situations where external factors could trigger a migraine. Archangel Raphael for healing the mind, when a migraine or headache is present, or for relaxation before bed or within meditations.  

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