Crystal Therapy Treatment – Case Study


Time started:  8:00pm                                      Time finished: 9:00pm
Details of treatment

Upon arrival at my friend, Client’s, I choose the room in which we would perform a Crystal Therapy session on her. I set up a small music player and we chose a relaxing style of music that she felt comfortable with (solo flute music with nature sounds in the background).  I then did a sage smudging to the room to clear any unwanted and negativity from the room. .

We then sat to relax while we filled in a Client Card which went as follows:-

Treatment Card
Q. Have you had any health problems in the past or present?
Ans: She informed me that she is not one that runs of to the doctors office, but did have some issues of concern: tingling feelings in feet and hands; lower back pain, with continual discomfort on the right side; neck and shoulders always very tight feeling; in menopause; feels sight is deteriorating quickly; sounds to the left ear off; suffers stress related headaches; leaky bladder; smoking addiction (not able to break); heavy foot odor.
Q. Within the last 9 months have you undergone any surgery or other treatment?
Ans:  No
Q. Are you pregnant or trying to become pregnant?
Ans:  No
Q. Do you suffer from epilepsy or any other seizures?
Ans:  No
Q. Do you have any metal implants, a pacemaker, or body piercing?
Ans: Ears are pierced
Q. Rate your level of stress 1 to 4 ( 1=low stress and 4=high stress)
Ans:Rated at 4
Q. Do you have any skin problems?
Ans: Reported that when stressed or nervous it seems to trigger itching of the skin
Q. What would you like to achieve from this treatment?
Ans: Open and balance chakras, become more grounded in thought.  She is drawn to water but only feels comfort there when her feet are on the ground.
Q. Do you have any allergies, or is there any essential oil that my cause problems?
 Ans:  No
Q. (If using an essential oil) are there any essential oil(s) that you dislike the smell of?
Ans: Did not know of any at this time.

I reviewed with her these questions again in case there was anything missed or misunderstood, there was nothing else to add or change at this time.
I then let her know that what we were about to do was not to be a remedy for any condition that she may have and that if any of her concerns continue to be troublesome she should seek advice from a medical professional.  That there is no natural therapy that is a remedy to cure all ills and usually works on the client’s own body healing itself or that she would need to realize that a lifestyle change is inevitable to progress to a healthier state. .

     She understands all of this and we signed and dated the client card.

I reviewed all of her information while she lay to relax as I prepared for the set up of the crystals to be used and the treatment to proceed with.
I chose to start her off (first time) with the Grounding Treatment set forth in the learning material, feeling this would be the best starting point for her to begin healing some of her concerns.

Choosing the following crystals to aid the therapy:-

Clear quartz – 7 in total plus my largest one to be my generator
Shungite- 2, which I placed at the earth center, one at the bottom of each foot to help with the grounding to the earth’s energies
Garnet – for the Root chakra
Orange Carnelian – for the Sacral chakra
Chrysophase- for the Solar Plexus chakra
Jade – for the Heart chakra
Blue Lace Agate – for the Throat chakra
Sodalite – for the Brow (third eye) chakra
Blue Kyanite – for the Crown chakra

Client wanted me to tell her what stone I was placing and where, so throughout the placement of the stones I let her know this information until all stones where in place. Once the stones where in place I let her know that the treatment would begin and that she was free to drift off into her peaceful place.

Pendulum Check
Before starting the placement of the stones, I paused to drawn into myself pure white light and to call upon pure angels of healing to join us for guidance and protection from negativity.  Then I used my Citrine pendulum to confirm our environment for session was pure and right for healing.
I placed the clear quartz first at the base (point upward), one at the crown (point downward), one at each knee (point inward) and one at each shoulder (point inward).  I placed the Shungite at the base of each foot.  Then started the placement of the Chakra stones starting at the base.
As I placed each stone and crystal, I gave thanks for the energy to balance and heal to bring a sense of grounding.  Once I had all of the crystals in place, I took a moment to check in with my pendulum to ask if the crystal choices were of acceptance to Client’s needs. I got a yes response and proceeded with connecting the outside crystal formation in a clockwise direction to form a protective shield around the auric field. (for the 7 rotations);  passing then through the center of the body connecting the chakras ( making 5 passes).  At this point, I just let her remain drifted away in her peaceful place listening to the music.  I allowed her to lay there for about 20 minutes.  

Chakra Assessment
Once again I used my pendulum at each chakra, checking to see if any of them still felt as if needing more energy.  The Solar Plexus was still off and so I held my hands cupped above the chakra stone for about 1 minute and moved to the next chakra.  Once I was done, returned to the Solar Plexus and double checked, it was now ok.  I stood at the base of her and asked if we were able to achieve balance for her and was Client feeling more in balance and grounded.  The answer was yes.  I let her rest 5 more minutes and began removing the chakra stones first (from the base up to the crown).  Then I removed the crystal star formation.  Once done, I softly spoke to let Client know that when she was ready, she could come back to the room.

I placed all of the crystals from the healing session in a cloth and wrapped them so they would remain separate for all other crystals until I got them home to cleanse them.
As Client come back to the room in thought, she said she felt so at ease that she could roll over and fall asleep.  We then talked about the experiences that she felt during the session; this was her response: “when you placed the stones at my feet, I could feel energy draw me down to that point. During the session I could feel where you were.  At one point in I could feel this moving flow of energy all around my body, even my back (which she was lying on).  I felt as if I were floating and drifting inside this space. When you were removing the stones I felt the shifts slightly until you removed the one from my tummy (which tingled) and the one on my forehead (felt very warm) (not the stone but the energy of the removal) I feel very relaxed now and more on earth.  When asked about the stress level at this point she placed at about one and a half to two.

I feel that we achieved what she desired from the treatment.  I left her with the thought
to feed positive thought as much and as often as possible to help keep her feeling and that I would check in on her in two to three days to see how she was feeling. End of session.

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