Chakra & Aura Healing Case Study


Details of treatment

Client suffers from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. He also has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS.

After an initial talk about his symptoms and completing the treatment card, I decided to use the pendulum to assess Client’s Chakras to check for negative energies and blockages. I did this by asking Client to lie down (which he was comfortable with) and using my pendulum to assess each chakra in his body in turn.  I made sure we had a comfortable and quiet, warm space for this treatment, with water on hand to drink. √I told Client to communicate with me if he felt uncomfortable with the treatment at any time.

I started off with assessing the crown chakra and after calibrating the pendulum to check which direction of rotation indicated an open or closed chakra I quickly found that Clients crown chakra was closed/blocked. I then moved on to the third eye chakra, which was also showing as blocked. Next, the throat chakra, also showing as blocked and the same with the heart chakra. The solar plexus charka was the first one that I found to be open,,. but Client’s sexual and root chakras were both closed/blocked. I explained to Client what these readings meant for him in relation to his depression and chronic fatigue.

The blockage in the crown chakra relates to Client’s depression in his mental state, where he is unable to have clear and positive thoughts. Because Client has low self-esteem his third eye chakra was blocked showing little creativity or imagination and the fact that Client finds it difficult to express himself (needs and emotions) related to his throat chakra being blocked. The heart chakra blockage was an indication of Client’s difficulty in relationships because of his depression where he is unable to love himself, feel loved by others. √Finding Client’s solar plexus chakra to be giving off an over-developed/positive signal when assessed with the Pendulum was a surprise (the pendulum quickly lurched into a clockwise rotation), but when we discussed this result, it indicated his high stress,, control issues, inability to relax and also related to his CFS. Blockages in Client’s sexual chakra indicated his creative blocks that he experiences in relation to his depression where he is currently unable to work and also problems in his sexual relationship with his partner (which Client acknowledged) Client’s root chakra being blocked was not a surprise due to his lack of drive, energy and chronic fatigue also associated with his depression.

During the use of the pendulum, Client reported a prickly heat feeling on his skin, but said this was not too uncomfortable, so we continued.

At this point I also checked Client’s aura and I explained to him how I was going to do this. I relaxed my eyes and after a short while I was able to see his aura as a muddy green colour. I explained to Client this indicated his state of low self-esteem and feeling like he was the constant victim of his depression and helpless to do anything about it.

I explained to Client that with his own will and co-operation we should be able to have a positive impact on his negative energies and blockages and explained that we were going to use the following techniques to do this:

1. Meditation 2. Chakra Stones Treatment 3. Aura Cleansing and Aura Meditation.


I showed Client how to meditate to help promote relaxation and to become more in tune with himself. We concentrated on Client’s breathing during meditation and I encouraged him to let all of his thoughts enter his mind and to watch them like an observer so that he was able to create an inner peace rather than engaging with these thoughts. I explained that he would be able to use this technique every day to free himself from negative thoughts as he came across them in everyday life, by detaching himself from the bad thoughts and allowing his true self, a being of light and love to rise about the negativity of his depression.

We also repeated some positive affirmations during meditation.

“ I deserve to love and to be loved “ “I am a good person “ and “ I have great inner strength” 

Chakra Stones Treatment

First I cleansed the stones. The next stage of Client’s treatment was to place each chakra stone in turn on each of his chakras, starting with the root chakra I placed black tourmaline on the first chakra to create a sense of physical security or safety for Client. Next I placed carnelian at the point of the second chakra to stimulate his creativity. To reconnect Client with the earth’s energy, I then used red jasper on the same chakra.

I then balance chakras three, four and five by placing a yellow citrine stone on Client’s solar plexus to help to give him insight on when to act on his deepest desires, thereby boosting his self-esteem and confidence and also to heal his stress, tension and chronic fatigue.  To encourage love back into Client’s life, both love of himself and of others, I placed green avernturine on Client’s heart chakra. I used a blue agate stone, on Client’s throat chakra, to help him find his self-expression and ‘voice’ again to help raise his self-esteem.

On Client’s third eye chakra, I placed sodalite and on his crown chakra, a clear quartz stone. 

This treatment took about 10 minutes per chakra, so over an hour in total.

As I placed the corresponding chakra stones on each area I visualized the healing energy flowing into Client’s mind and body to reverse his blockages and negative energy and I asked him to relax and to try visualising this healing energy flooding into him too.

At various points in this treatment, Client reported feeling warmth rising up and down his body, which he described as a new and pleasant sensation.

Aura Cleansing & Aura Meditation

I then cleansed Client’s muddy green aura by moving my hands upwards over his body to remove the negative aura he had been exhibiting. While performing the upward motion, I visualized the auric impurities that were being removed from Client’s original muddy green aura and that it was being flooded with purity and light.

After the cleansing treatment, we used aura meditation to gain a deeper self-awareness and help to release some of the major personal blocks Client was experiencing, as well as to re-connect with a higher spiritual dimension that was missing from Client’s life.

We created a grounding cord down the centre of the spine with the centre of the earth (visualised this), focused on our breathing and practised releasing negative energies down this grounding chord, through visualisation of this process. We also practised how to ‘be’ in the centre of Client’s head and to feel comfortable with this new connection with himself. We kept breathing and releasing negative energies down the grounding chord all the while and Client
noticed what it was like to be centred with his environment, whilst grounding and validating his aura. This technique should help him with his general energy levels, mental positivity, self-esteem sense of well-being and I advised him to practise this on his own on a regular basis (weekly).

At the end of Client’s treatment we went back to doing some more meditation and breathing for a few minutes. Then I gave Client a glass of water and asked him how he was feeling. √ He said he had learnt to be more in tune with himself and that it was nice to spend the time on his personal self-development in such a positive way.


 “Now last week’s session, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I came home so, so happy, a big smile on my face, it seems ever since your stones treatment, I have felt so different within, yes I know, impossible, but that is how I feel, we must try them again…soon.

It is early days for my Client but we have made a positive start and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him. For the next session I will start with the Chakra assessment again with my pendulum to see if any of Client’s blocked Chakras and over-active solar plexus chakra have been reversed/improved through his ‘homework’ (meditation) and my initial treatment.

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