Psychic & Spiritual Development Case Study


I am a Reiki Master with a small practice.  I have been working on a client who’s dog had passed away 3 years ago.  They have gotten a new dog, but my client had refused to get close to the new dog because of the pain she went through with her first dog’s passing.  Whilst working on my client, I was “seeing” a dog.  During this treatment, this dog was very distracting.  Some how I knew this was my client’s dog.  I also knew that this dog wanted me to give a message to my client.  I knew somehow that the dog wanted me to mention her big red collar with a silver heart and  her name “Hannah” engraved on it.  Well since I have known this person for quite a while, I gave her
the message of what I picked up from the dog.  My client started crying and crying.  She informed me that in the course of Hannah’s life, they had purchased 3 Red collars and they all had the Silver heart with her name engraved on it.   We both thought this was amazing.  Since then, I have
“seen” her dog again holding a blue collar.  When I had seen my client again, I had told her what I had seen and she started crying again!  Her new dog has the exact color blue that I had mentioned!

Since then, my client has really opened up to her new dog and is allowing herself to love this dog as much as Hannah!  She is so grateful that this has happened and can not stop thanking me enough!  I thought that that was  an amazing gift to give her! During my Meditation I have noticed a huge difference.  I am seeing many beautiful colors,  purples,greens and pinks.  I am also experiencing small “movies” while meditating.  This does not happen
all of the time like I wish it would, but it is a start.   I have seen faces staring back at me.  I have tried to communicate, but to no avail.  I do not know what all this means, but it is quite exciting.  My journal is expanding and I look forward to reading it back and maybe start to understand their meaning.

Dreams – I have also started to remember my dreams more clearly.  The other night I have the most awesome dream. I do not remember it exactly but it was filled with the most vibrant colors I have ever seen. There were cartoon birds that were so colorful!  The pictures kept morphing into other things.  They
would change into real people, places etc.  This kept going on for what seemed a very long time.I could not remember this dream perfectly because it kept changing.  I do remember the 7 animals that I saw during this dream.  There were hard shelled insects (never saw  this kind before) that turned into squirrels.  There were cats that turned into horses, a snake that turned into a
beautiful fish and then the beautiful cartoon birds that were parrots.  I feel they are my animal totems. 

I really, really enjoyed this course and will continue to add as much as possible to my practice and my daily life.  I could keep going on about all of the changes I have seen in the past few weeks.  I feel like I really needed this course to open up my “gift” and give me the confidence I needed. 
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