Using Crystals for Heat attack Client

How Crystal Healing treatment can benefit after Heart attack

Example student case study

Client History:

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Client, 81 years old mother to three children Grandmother to 8 Grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren all living in Australia.

Client presented with symptoms of stress having a heart attack approx… 2 weeks earlier and spending 1 week in hospital and pain in her right rib as she had previously broken her right rib approx… 3weeks previously and also she had the flu.

We started the session by discussing how would Client like to feel after having had this treatment?

Her response: She would like to feel more energized and more relaxed with decreased to no pain in her right rib.

Client confided she has been feeling quite a lot of stress lately and in addition to her health worries, she has had the flu which has depleted her energy.

As this was Client’s first Crystal balance we took time to discuss each step of the balance, I also had pre cleansed, charged and programmed my crystals I would be using in the session prior to Client’s session.

Client was comfortable lying down on the massage table and I played soothing music and dimmed the lighting to create a more relaxing environment, always checking with the clients comfort level.

We started with Client taking deep breaths and I held my hands above her head and asked her higher self to set the intention of Healing for the session.

We then proceeded with a clearing balance to clear negative and blocked energy from the etheric aura, I placed 6 clear Quartz natural points around Client, 1x crown facing upwards, 2 x at each side of the elbows, 2x at each side of knees and 1 x at the feet facing upwards to create a grid around Client’s body. I then held a Clear Quartz generator in both hands with the point facing the floor and walked around Client to link the crystals together and slowly walked with the generator point for approx.: 6 times in a clockwise motion around Client.
At the end of the sixth circle I guided Client to take deep breaths and stay in the energy and slowly in a relaxed tone of voice then guided her back into the energy of the room.

After the balance Client said she felt: Relaxed, lighter and very calm, the balance took approx.: 15-20mins.

After checking with Client and her higher self we moved onto the Combined Clearing and strengthening technique.

We used a layout of “Making Changes in our Life”

• Root: Tiger eye tiger eye
• Sacral: Carnelian
• Solar Plexus: Citrine
• Heart: Ruby
• Throat: Blue Lace Agate
• Third Eye: Lapis Lazuli
• Crown: Amethyst

We chose this layout as the client wanted to implement healthy changes and mindsets into her life.

From the previous balance we had a shield of Clear Quartz Crystals still in place and Client was comfortable to continue, we placed the above layout on each chakra and then I proceeded to use a small clear Quartz crystal held in my right hand and made small circles down the left hand side of the client and up the right hand side for a total of three times.

I then guided Client to stay with the energy and placement for 15mins, I was always checking on her comfort.

During the balance Client started coughing however it quickly dispersed.

After 10mins I again guided Client back into the room and we discussed how she felt. Client said she felt relaxed and comfortable and wanted to continue.

After again checking with her higher self we continued onto the Opening and Balancing the Chakras using the same crystals we continued with the balance, I used a Clear Quartz Generator with the point facing downwards and ran a line straight up from the feet through to the chakras to the head, then down the feet at least five times.

clear quartz generator

I then balanced the chakras by placing my palms above Client’s chakras feeling the energy and pushing energy up and down to balance, I felt a slight blockage on the Third eye and the Crown chakra and the energy moved and released.

I instilled energy with a Clear Crystal Quartz point in my sending hand, facing downwards over each chakra and then move the crystal in circles with the Quartz touching the crystals on each chakra and then moving the point to face my fingers in the sending hand and rotating four to twelve inches above each chakra until each area received enough energy.

I then ran my sending hand over the etheric aura of the client where there were areas of energy build up, which for Client were the Third eye and the crown chakra.

I then held my receiving hand over the chakras needing clearing and a Clear Quartz crystal point facing downwards and rotated the crystal anti-clockwise by my side.

Client stayed in the energy always breathing deeply for a few moments and then I guided her slowly back into the room, and thanked her higher self and the crystals for the healing she had received today.

We concluded the balance and Client noted that she felt quite relaxed and peaceful and I noticed she had increased energy from when the session first began and also a slight decrease in pain in her right rib.

We discussed the importance of being aware of changes in her body and may need to consume more water and rest well due to the shifts in energy in today’s session.

Follow Up:

I spoke to Client the following day and she had said when she left the session she had increased energy and also slept quite well that evening and was coughing significantly less since the session.

We have yet to schedule another session as this session has shifted quite a lot of energy and Client requires time for her body to integrate the changes due to previous recent health concerns.
Client will check in with me in 1 week, to reassess how she is feeling and discuss booking another session.

My Insights:

When Client first came to me she was unaware of what a crystal balance entailed and I was quite nervous to perform this balance due to her previous health concerns.

It was wonderful to see the shift and change in her energy after a 1.5 hour session and I look forward to future balances with her.

Overall I was very happy with the outcome of this balance.

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