man having swedish massage

Swedish full body Massage

Swedish Massage for Male with stress relief

Case study Example

man having swedish massage

The Client has a very stressful job and relaxation and stress relief is one of the main reasons for requiring a Swedish Massage. He has also complained of tight shoulders, neck and Achilles tendon and knees on both her left and right side.

Initial Consultation

Advice is given about the benefits of a Swedish Massage and how this could help to relieve the symptoms of stress within the body. This can help to reduce tension and stress on the joints by relaxing the muscles with the massage techniques i will be using. 
After the initial consultation I explain to the client that they are required to remove all clothing except underpants and to lay face up on the couch draped with a towel. I ask him to say when he is ready for me to enter back into the room.


Effleurage Strokes for Shoulder, Arms & Wrist

After entering back in to the treatment room I place a bolster under the clients knees and make sure he is comfortable.I place a cushion underneath his head to allow the neck to remain in neutral alignment. I take a few deep breaths to centre myself before commencing with the massage. I undrape an arm in preparation for massage. I apply some oil with a light, smooth effleurage stroke from the shoulder to the hand. Beginning at the wrist and applying a gliding stroke up the arm and over the shoulder using a firm pressure. I apply effleurage to both the anterior and posterior aspects of the arm. Perform effleurage to the arm between three and five times.

Kneading and Rolling Strokes

I use kneading and rolling techniques on the arm. I move onto the carpals and metacarpals using friction on the back of the hand and then individually circumduct the fingers and kneading the palm. Then flexing and extending the wrist before taking it through circumduction. I move up to the elbow and shoulder. Completing the massage on the arm with effleurage and feather strokes with the fingertips. I recover the arm and repeat this sequence on the other side.

Leg Massage – achilles tendon & hamstrings

Petrissage strokes

I uncover the left leg. I apply the oil from foot to hip in long effleurage strokes, repeating this three to five more times making sure to take the strokes up to the iliac crest and lighter strokes back down to the ankle using both hands. I include kneading movements to the top, bottom and sides of the foot paying attention to the tendons of the foot. I apply circular friction then kneading before using circumlocution on each toe. I massage with petrissage strokes again from the ankle to the hip working all the quadricep muscles. On the anterior thigh and lower leg muscles I use wringing techniques as this area of my client is very tight. I repeat this sequence three to five more times. Returning to the ankle I  dorsi/planti flex the foot and flex/extend the ankle and stretch the achilles tendon and calf muscles by extending the knee and then taking the knee into flexion before flexing the hip and moving the knee back into extension to stretch the hamstrings. I pay particular attention to maintain good draping through this sequence. I ask my client if he is comfortable making sure he feels the stretch sufficiently. I perform effleurage strokes from ankle to hip 4 more times. Finishing with feather strokes over the entire leg. I re drape the leg and repeat on the right leg , then i make sure both legs are recovered before i move onto my clients front torso.

Torso Massage

back massage

I remove towel down to midway between navel and pubic bone. I apply oil to the entire torso using effleurage strokes 3 times, then clockwise circular strokes over the colon. Alternating hands i move up the left hand side of the body over the shoulders to the neck maintaining good posture at all times then repeat this on the opposite side before performing effleurage strokes over the entire torso from the sternal notch to the pubic bone and back up around the shoulders to the neck. I use circular friction and deep gliding strokes on the tension around the neck and upper trapezius. I finish with long effleurage strokes 4 times and then I re drape my clients torso.

Moving the client

I instruct the client to turn over. I maintain good draping throughout by holding the towel in place as he rolls over, then move onto the back of the legs. Placing a bolster under my clients ankles.
I undrape the left leg, apply massage oil to the entire leg with light effleurage strokes 4 times. I concentrate on the calf and lower leg area I use kneading strokes to the calf muscles as this area is very tight, followed by kneading and wringing techniques to the hamstrings and finishing with effleurage strokes over the entire leg then feather light strokes over the entire leg three more times. I Repeat this process on the right leg checking for signs of tension and tightness and re drape each leg after each sequence.

Final part of Massage

I move onto the back. I expose the back down to the gluteal cleft and use long continual effleurage strokes to apply the oil from the posterior iliac crest to the nape of the neck over the shoulders and back down the torso, repeating 4 more times. Swiftly moving to kneading strokes from the gluteal region up to the shoulders and neck including the erector spine and the sacrospinalis before moving onto the other side and repeat the sequence on that side. Paying attention to maintaining continual contact. Around the scapula I use friction techniques to relieve the tension here. I continue with joint movements, taking the shoulder through all planes of movement. I move back over onto the other side of the back and repeat this sequence.

I then go back to 5 effleurage strokes over the entire back. I move onto fan strokes over the entire back 4 times followed by wringing friction to the back starting at the gluteal fold and moving up to the shoulders and neck and repeat 4 more times. I move onto circular friction over the length of the erecter spinae muscles and repeat 3 more times. I finish with caring hands stroke down the entire length of the spine, over the gluteals and back up over the deltoids, trapezius to the occiput and repeat this 3 more times. I place one hand on the sacrum and one on the base of the neck and hold for 5 seconds to finish the massage. I redrape my client.

I allow my client time to relax without disturbing him and then tell him to get dressed when he is ready and to let me know when I may re enter the room. I now leave the room.

Aftercare –
I return with a glass of water and repeat our previous discussion about aftercare. To avoid tea/coffee/alcohol and strenuous activity for 24 hours to maximise the detoxification to the body.
We book a follow up appointment and ask the client to fill in a feedback form.
Conclusion –
The client feedback was very positive. He thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and felt amazing after the treatment. The tension in his shoulders and neck had reduced. He also said that his knees and legs felt much lighter and more relaxed. He was definitely going to recommend Swedish massage to his friends.

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