What is Colour Therapy?


Colour and Emotions

It is known that when Psychologists started studying the effects of colour that colour can influence not only our bodies but our emotions, moods and feelings. 

Red: Colour of Fire
Sit in a red room and it has the power to excite the senses, your chatter will become animated and time will fly. 

Blue: Chill, Relax
Sit in a blue room however and you feel you have all the time in the world and no need to hurry. Time will hang heavier. 

Colour for health

Each colour has a subtle impact on our emotions and behaviour in different ways. Green brings us solace and Violet and Orange can offer us inspiration and joy. It is only when we become aware of these effects that we can then learn to harness the power of colour to offer healing and change key aspects of our life. This is what Colour Therapists learn to do. 

Energy Healing

Colour is an energy and it its own right has been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic tool. There is evidence that colour therapy and light therapy goes back as fare as ancient Egypt during the reign of the Pharaohs.  You can learn to use colour to express your feelings and also as a reflection and special tool to bring love and happiness and health into yours and others lives. 

Seeing Colour

Colour is not a pigment, nor is it tangible, in fact there is nothing solid about it. It is essentially a frequency and carried in wave form, similar to heat and sound. The very famous “Helen Keller” whom was born blind, deaf and dumb, learned to understand the colour red by expressing it as an emotion of heat and raw energy. Just like music notes each colour vibrates on its own specific wavelength, basically to change the frequency you simply change the colour. 


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