How to Balance the Body with Crystals


Balancing the Body with Crystals

This crystal healing technique is often used and requires seven clear quartz crystals of approximately the same size and weight, either natural or tumbled. 

When the body is laid prone place a crystal on each of the seven major chakra centres. If a crystal rolls to a different location three times, leave it where it is. It is more than likely the body moving it to where it needs to be. 

It will be noticed that some of the crystals will feel very heavy, like they are sinking into the skin. Others will be very light and will be barely discernible. Some crystals will feel very cold and others extremely warm or even electric.  There may also be a sensation of floating and inner visions of colour or patterns of colour. 

Each individual ill be different. Leaves the stones in place for at least three or four minutes. In this way and during this time the body will find its own balance.

When using any crystal healing technique, always trust your intuition as to which stones to use and whether you are attracted to them for their shape, size or colour etc.



Aligning and Balancing the Chakras with Crystals

Many healers agree that one of the most popular crystal healing techniques is the chakra layout. For this healing technique you will need one each red, orange, yellow, green or pink, light blue, dark blue, white, clear or violet, dark stone. All stones should be about the same size and weight. 

This method is the same as the previous one, except that coloured stones are used in place of the clear quartz crystals. The dark stone should be placed at the feet for grounding. The remaining stones are placed on the chakra centres according to their colour as previously explained. These stones are left as previously for three or four minutes.

The most popular stones to use in this technique are as follows:

  •  Red stone Red Jasper
  •  Orange stone Carnelian
  •  Yellow stone Yellow Jasper or Citrine
  •  Green stone Green Aventurine or 
  •  Rose Quartz or 
  •  Watermelon quartz, (which is a mix of green and pink)
  • Turquoise
  • Dark blue stone Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite
  • Clear or Violet stone Amethyst or clear 
  • quartz

These crystal-healing techniques are also referred to as the laying on of stones. They are very powerful ways to perform crystal healing both on you and others. Its purpose is to release etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to well being.

Extract from Crystal Magic Advanced Diploma Course

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