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Palmistry Reading

Case study

This student was asked the following: Please try and describe the personality traits of the following palms and what if any future predictions or details of their past you may see. This will help to determine how well you understand what you have been taught and put into practice how to read palms.



This person offers their hands in a very open manner, their thumbs are away from their fingers so they are friendly and happy for me to read their palm. The fingers are spread out so they are generous and receptive.


I would say that this person has an air hands as it looks as though their fingers are quite long but with a square palm, the major lines are clearly marked. This person is clever but not emotional, they need mental stimulation and thrive under pressure, they may be a teacher or journalist.


The mounts look on the photo fairly normal, apart from the mount of Jupiter and the outer mount of mars, which look rather fleshy suggesting this person has strong convictions and will fight a cause until the end, this person has an excessive desire for success, they have good leadership qualities.


Mount Apollo – The mount of Apollo looks rather flat suggesting little artistic talent, perhaps they are less creative and more academic.


Mount Venus – There is a strong mount of Venus suggesting this person has lots of energy and may be self indulging.


The plains of mars look normal, this person is self assured and able to deal with people confidently.


Percussion Hand – The percussion on the hand is fairly straight which again confirms this person has little creativity, again supporting the statement that they take a no nonsense approach to life.


Jupiter – The Jupiter finger on both hands are normal and shows that this person is well grounded and has the right amount of self confidence and modesty. The phalanges at the top of the Jupiter finger are quite long which means this person can be quite opinionated.


Mercury – On the Mercury finger the phalanges are quite short at the bottom which again shows no imagination, and a straight thinker.


The thumbs on the hand look long which shows good management of others, this person likes to be in charge, the phalanges look short at the bottom which again indicates good management of people.


The thumb sits quite low on the hand which indicates little imagination, but a very practical person.


The fingers are quite square showing a person who is practical and organised. The nails of what I can see look fairly narrow, perhaps this person can be narrow minded and think they are always right.


Life Line – The life line on both hands are quite normal showing a balanced attitude towards their ambitions, the line is clearly marked showing that this person had a happy childhood, the life line ends at the mount of venus which shows this person loves their home and seeks refuge at home. There is a slight fork at the end of the lifeline suggesting that this person will have good fortune and success during their life.


The life line is quite curved showing this person is generous and are good company. This person may be going through a bit of a struggle as there are small lines crossing the life line, however due to the curve of the line this person will cope, they have a nice pink colour showing a good level of strength.

Head Line – The head line is slightly high showing that this person is energetic, and ambition, they have a normal length showing that they can think things through. The line is fairly straight showing they have lots of common sense and practicality.



Heart Line – The heart line ends on the mount of Saturn showing this person is quite serious, they try and work hard at making their relationships work. They are passionate but may not have had as many experiences as the line is quite short. The line is very curved so this shows they are quite apt at defining the needs of people around them.


Fate Line – The fate line shows that this person is well balanced and is satisfied in their career, it shows that this person will achieve success no matter what, the line is quite clear showing that this person is settled and has steady direction.


The line of mercury on the hand shows that this person needs to take care of their health.


Palmistry case study Female aged 35

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