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Palmistry Case study – Woman over 50

Case Study of Palmistry Reading

Introduction: Showing the following picture and knowing only that these hands belonged to a lady aged 50+ was the only information given. This is an fairly accurate case study.



The individual has a very open hand, I don’t want to assume that this is how it was presented as I feel this is presented this way so the picture was taken properly. But she takes good care of her hands and has smooth skin which shows me she takes care of herself and has more confidence in herself. I am unable to tell which hand is her dominant so I will read this as her left hand being past – right hand as current.


JUPITER FINGER – *First thing I notice is her left hand her jupiter finger starts to bend towards her saturn, this shows me she had a struggle with confidence in her life, she has overcome it as her jupiter finger is more independent from Saturn on her right hand.


HAND SHAPE – Her hand shape is more suited to the fire hand, she has a firm skin texture with a oblong palm and her fingers are about the same size of the palm, maybe slightly shorter. Otherwise I would say water hand, but her lines aren’t as faint as they would be on a water hand. Water hand individuals generally are more secretive with their energy as they are more sensitive. Fire hands are more extrovert and will blurt their information out, as their lines will be more prominent.


She has more conic shape finger tips which show she likes to be impulsive and has great instincts, which suits her well with her confidence.


I see a leader in this hand, she has a strong jupiter mount and finger, on her right hand it looks as though her jupiter finger just pops out, which tells me she is about expansion and growth.


MAJOR LINES – In her major lines, she looks as though her energy is most focused on her heart line, while her energy is equally balanced with head and life line (but slightly lower in her life line). Her life line fades near the end which shows me she may focus less on her health and will be more emotionally driven.


She will need to focus less on her emotions and be more focused on her health. She seems to get distracted around the age of 35. It’s a bit difficult to make out; but on her right hand she her life line and head line join together.


This tells me she was dependant early on in her life it looks a bit feathered/chained so there may have been difficulties with her family and she may have felt excluded. Which is why on her left hand the Jupiter finger bends towards Saturn.


This perhaps she may have lived in a house hold that had little responsibility and she grew up perhaps a bit spoiled and not disciplined like the wanted to be. Which didn’t give her much confidence in her decisions resulting in her having issues with independence. The left hand shows that her earlier years she may have blocked out. Making it appear easier than what it was. I would confirm this more with reading her worry lines and how they cross the life line if they do and at what age, however I’m unable to read it from this picture.


HEALTH ISSUES – There may have been some health issues in her early years, between the age of 10 and 15, her life line is fainter during this time period. It could also be the picture quality however I see it on both hands. It looks as though her energy went way down so this could be depression or anxiety. Her energy level was also low during this time on her heart line.


HEAD LINE – On her head line she has a writers fork, this indicates she has the ability to take something from her imagination and turn it into reality. This doesn’t mean she’s a writer. In fact – her mercury finger shows me that she best communicates through presentation and SHOWING people how to do things rather than writing or verbally speaking. (Her top phalange is the longest of the 3). The head lines are almost sloping which shows me she has a very strong imagination. She does have control over it however and at times she may let it run away from her. Especially since she has the fire hand.


CAREER CHOICES – On her left hand I see that she had a career choice in mind a little later in life, around the age of 7 perhaps, after close to 8-10 years (age 15 ish) she was influenced by her family. Looks as though they gave her a push in the career choice she was considering.


Around the age of 22 it looks as though another career popped up. And she had 2 fields of interest and was pursuing both of them. Around the age of 30 it looks as though she drops the older pursued career and moves onto the new one she built for herself in her early 20’s. She continues on this path at least until the age of 55, she may push forward but it’s hard to tell from this picture. (I personally think she will push forward as she has the confidence to do so, I see a strong working drive in this hand.)


However, all this being said, it is on the left hand. Which is the one I labelled as her past, which can also be potential. (I like to call it the mature hand, while the current/present hand is considered the immature hand as it will change much more than the other hand).


With her second career choice it doesn’t look as prominent in her right hand, almost as if non-existent. So either she chose not to go down a path that she was offered an opportunity in her early 20’s or she didn’t have the confidence to pursue it at the time. This doesn’t mean she can’t still follow through – if she hasn’t already.


Given that I see the medical stigmata this tells me her possible career influence would definitely be involved with helping people. She shows that she likes to work with others and may get influenced by other people.


HEART LINE – Heart line, her line ends just after Saturn, no fork. This shows me she can be strict with love and may come off us to logical in relationships with some people. But she has a healthy realistic balance between letting her emotions get in the way of making her decisions. She has a bit of a lower set heart line which says that she may have issues expressing her emotions with her partner. She probably feels it’s unnecessary and rather work it out herself. This can stem back to her child hood. However; she has a deep care for others, she probably has a mentality that she wants them to be happy and cared for more than she felt she was. Altruistic almost.


RELATIONSHIPS – I can see a bit of her marriage lines, it’s faint due to picture quality. But on her left hand I might be able to make out 2 major relationships in her life. One during her 20’s (Earlier) and the second at about age 30. On her left hand I can make out 1 marriage line for sure, at about the age of 30. I’m unable to read more into it as the photo quality isn’t great. I see some sibling lines but it’s too difficult to make them out with this photo quality, sibling lines are on her venus mount closer to the bottom of her thumb. They’re normally long vertical lines, if they are long deep and complete they are brothers, faint lines are sisters.



Review advice:

I have 2 pieces of advice that may go hand in hand. With her struggle for confidence at an earlier stage in life, I think she needs let herself open up to her loved ones. She doesn’t know how to express herself and may have issues opening up. I think if she is able to open just as she is open to helping others it will make her flourish.


She will be able to live by her own advice and let go of anything holding her back. What can happen in her later years is she will drain out and what she is doing is giving her energy to others and not keeping her own.


She needs to keep her own energy so she can focus better on herself and health in her later years. Where she will wear out. She has a good heart in the right place, she’s doing the right thing and has so much potential. I think this will help her potential and will push her further if she will let go of her previous issues with her past. Take advantage of the cards she was dealt.


I just love the energy in her hands, they show me so much good drive and light and I see so much potential with a good head on her shoulders.



Notes: This case study was found to be very accurate. If you would like to learn how to read palms and train as a professional palm reader then our professional palmistry course is a great place to start.


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