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Using Kinesiology & Bach Flower Remedies on babies


Case Study for help with baby using kinesiology and Bach flower remedies

Kinesiology treatment using Bach Flower Remedies to find and address the emotional imbalances that can be the underlying cause of a condition.

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I had the honor and privilege to work on a 6 month-old baby and I am grateful for his mother to ask me and trust me to help her lovely son.


The mother called me because she was struggling with her baby. He was followed by his GP but there was little improvement on his various health problems and the baby was getting quite distressed. She was desperate to find a solution and a holistic approach interested her.


I explained what kinesiology was about. We treat the person as a whole. We do not treat the symptoms but look for the root cause of the symptoms. We assess the body’s needs and imbalances through muscle testing.

We explore the health issues on 4 realms: Structural, Nutritional, Emotional and Electrical/Energetic. Then we use different techniques to release blockages, reassess nutritional needs or address the emotional upsets. In doing so we naturally boost the body’s innate capability to repair itself.


The emotional upsets are assessed and addressed with Bach Flower Essence Remedies. Talking with the patient narrows down the number of remedies to test. Then we muscle test the chosen few and pinpoint the exact one the patient needs. The muscle, in a weak state, will become strong when the correct Flower Remedy, relevant to the problem, is found.

I use water based Flower Remedies for infants, toddlers and people who would not touch alcohol for religious or personal reasons.


The beauty of kinesiology is that we can work on babies through surrogacy. The carer holds the baby who shares his energy to relay his imbalances through the surrogate to the practitioner. She liked the concept of it even if she looked doubtful.


The baby had been suffering from eczema for 2 months and it had started spreading to other parts of his body. He did not eat well, was on a prescribed formula and was reluctant to eat his porridge and biscuits. He had reflux and was given medicine for it with little to no effect.

What worried the mother the most is that the baby hardly slept (it could be as little as 10 minutes at a time). He also woke up regularly at midnight and took a long time to fall asleep again. He cried a lot with no apparent reason and nothing would appease him. The baby looked very tired and restless when I saw him.


After filling the paperwork, the mother got on my table. The baby was too fidgety to be held safely while I muscle tested her so she strapped him in a car seat and kept skin to skin contact by holding his hand. I made sure everybody was safe and relaxed.


In systematic kinesiology, we always start with the same two muscles: Supraspinatus, linked to the brain and Teres Major, linked to the spine. Simply put, we switch on the computer (brain) and make sure it is plugged in and the cable is working properly (spine).

For each weakness, we rub the relevant lymphatic points, hold the neuro-vascular points, run the relevant meridian and hold specific acupuncture points. We also do some structural work if/when needed.

While doing all the above, I am going to concentrate on the Emotional side of the case to explain which Flower Essence Remedies were needed and chosen by the baby for his various issues.

Once the correct remedy was found, I put two drops on the baby’s tongue and gave his mother a few drops as well. She held him a lot and I thought they should both share a balanced energy.


The Supraspinatus relays the general state of mind and body. From experience, knowing the baby was hardly sleeping and experiencing physical pain, I went straight to OLIVE related to physical and mental exhaustion. The weak muscle became very strong.  Another muscle test suggested he did not need any other remedy for this particular weakness.


The Teres Major’s weakness and emotional state are usually a result of the previous weakness. How can being exhausted reflect on the mind? Still from experience, I grabbed ELM (totally overwhelmed by his circumstances) and OAK (being worn out but has no choice but to keep going).  Muscle testing picked OAK. The baby did not need another one.


I then decided to start by dealing with the baby’s eczema.

I used a technique to pause/lock the skin condition; it means that all the muscle testing will be relevant to the eczema only.

Tests revealed that there was a nutritional and an emotional cause to his problem.


Emotionally, I worked out that the kidney meridian was involved which narrowed down the Flower Remedies to the ones linked to fear, according to the law of the 5 elements: ASPEN, CHERRY PLUM, MIMULUS, RED CHESTNUT, ROCK ROSE.

I asked the mother some questions to understand where the fear could be coming from. Birth caught my attention. It was a traumatic birth with forceps. I grabbed STAR OF BETHLEEM.

ROCK ROSE and STAR OF BETHLEEM tested strong. On top of giving the baby a few drops of each, I put a few drops on different areas of his head and did Emotional Stress Release.

The baby fell asleep while I was doing it.


Food testing confirmed that his formula and food did not agree with him.

That brought my attention to his waking up regularly at midnight. According to the body clock, it coincides with the Gall Bladder time, which can be linked to eczema and an intolerance to milk.

The fact that he was crying a lot at that time of night pushed me to think there was more to it than being aggravated by his last bottle before bed.

I asked the mother to concentrate on the baby, still holding his hand, and imagine waking up at midnight. How did she think her baby felt while crying? She became quite tearful and said: distressed, overwhelmed and hopeless.

I chose to test GENTIAN, ELM and SWEET CHESTNUT. SWEET CHESTNUT was the one.


We had achieved a lot in one session and decided to stop at that point as all the corrections can be very tiring for the patient. The baby was peaceful and asleep. The mother and I could talk things over.


With her GP’s approval, the mother was to change formula and adapt the baby’s food. During the session, we did find some alternatives that would not aggravate the baby’s eczema.

I suggested she kept an eye on his reflux but felt that with his new diet it would stop.

I made a bottle of Bach Flower Essence Remedies for both of them to take daily until finished and added WALNUT in the mix to help with the transition.

I warned her that the eczema could get worse before getting better as the body would need to get rid of all the toxicity. I could tell her that confidently as my son had suffered from eczema and saw all the stages of healing.

I reassured her that she could call me if she had any worries at any stage.


FOLLOWUP: – It had been quite an emotional session for her as well. As a mother it is heartbreaking to know your child is in distress but at the same time she felt a huge sense of relief that there was hope and real steps she could take to deal with her baby’s problems.


3 weeks later, she updated me. The baby had slept for 2 hours after I left.

She changed all the food he was eating, checking all the ingredients.

The reflux had vanished and his eczema had started fading.

He slept well, for hours at a time.

He had stopped crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason.

All in all he was a happy baby.

Source:  Helene Thompson – Kinesiologist – student of Bach Flower Remedies – Luna Holistics

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