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Bach Flower Remedies Case Study

Case study for flower remedies

How to help for issues with Dental Problems and Sleeping

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I arranged to visit my client for an hour in the evening.

I began by explaining that everything said during this consultation and thereafter is confidential. She was happy for me to use her consultation as an example for my case study.

I asked client of her existing knowledge of Bach flower essences of which she told me she had occasionally been using the night time rescue spray to help her to sleep.  I followed on by telling her a brief history of Dr Edward Bach and explaining how the flower remedies help to balance the emotions.

I then asked for a brief history where client told me she has been retired from office work for 2 years but previously worked with children.  She has a husband, son and daughter and 3 lovely grandchildren.  She enjoys gardening, walking and looking after her grandchildren.  Her and her husband also do a lot of dancing which takes them away for weekends and short breaks very frequently.

Client also does paperwork which involves sitting at the computer for long stretches of time.

Initial Consultation

Dental Issues – She is in the process of consulting with the dentist over lots of work that needs doing on her teeth but since high school has had a big fear of anything to do with dentists so she is understandably finding this process extremely difficult.

I asked her what she would like to gain from this treatment and her reply was to sleep better during the night and to help her through her dental treatments.

Bach Prescription

remedies for fear of dentist

I decided on a combination bottle of:

  • mimulus, for the known fear of the dentists,
  • Agrimony, to help with the anxiety and being her true self and to help ease the restlessness and worry in her mind
  • White Chestnut, to help calm the mind, bring tranquillity and clarity of thought and to aid sleep.
  • Centuary, to restore inner strength and not to be taken advantage of, to help her be able to say no when necessary,
  • Cherry Plum, to restore calmness and positive control of the mind and bring peace
  • Pine, for positive self-value and not to feel guilty or responsible for things that she shouldn’t.


Storing her prescription

My client is going away on a walking holiday from Tuesday until Friday so was unsure about keeping the remedy cool in this beautiful hot weather so I added some brandy to the bottle of mineral water with 2 drops of each remedy and advised her to keep it out of direct sunlight and as cool as possible.

Directions and How to Take the measured Remedy

She should take 4 drops 4 times a day, first thing in the morning, before bed and twice evenly spaced out between.  I advised her on how to take the remedies, either putting them on the tongue avoiding contact with the dropper to avoid contamination, or to drop in a drink.  I also advised that on days leading up to and on a dentist appointment to take some rescue remedy as well, as and when needed and to continue with her rescue night time blend spray that she has been having when she wakes in the night.

I initially made a 10ml dropper bottle to see how she got on and arranged to see her a week later when the bottle is low so we can tweak things if needed and to reassess the situation and feelings.

Follow up Appointment

Monday 19th June was our next appointment.  My client has been keeping a diary of her sleep patterns which is very useful.  She has woken every night but generally not for too long, it has been very hot at nights so that obviously doesn’t help with a good night sleep.  She had a dentist appointment on Friday 16th and during Thursday night was very unsettled, awake for a long time in the night and up early.  We have decided to stay with the same blend for now, she is going away on a walking holiday tomorrow until Friday so will reassess when she returns.

Monday 26th June – Client reported that they had had a lovely holiday, it had still been extremely hot at night, they needed a fan going all night but it seemed to blow the hot air around and was noisy so she didn’t sleep well, although when she was awake her mind was more restful.  She has another dentist appointment on Wednesday and is already showing signs of apprehension so I advised her to start taking the rescue remedy now as well as the mix and to continue whenever she feels the need.  I can hear a difference talking to her that she sounds more together and doesn’t have the thoughts buzzing around as she did when we first spoke, she seems really good with life in general except obviously the main issue being the dentist still.  The holiday has done her good, it has been a nice break for her but she desperately wants this dental work done and finished.  She has been getting on well taking the remedies and is happy to continue treatment.


‘Lynn made me feel very comfortable and described all about the remedies.  She explained everything very clearly and I have great faith in the remedy she has given me.’

Here is some feedback that Pam emailed to me on weds 28th June;

‘I am taking the 4 drops 4 times a day.  I am not awake in the middle of the night for long periods so I think things are improving.  I have been taking rescue remedy, as you suggested, when I feel stressed about lots of dentist appointments.  My thoughts are starting to get more organised and I am beginning to feel quite strong in myself.  I think things are getting better.’

Client is going to keep in touch with me regularly and keep me updated with her feelings and sleep patterns.  I feel it is right to carry on with the same mix for now with the view to changing remedies when things change but hope that she continues to feel stronger in herself and continues coping well with dental work which if all goes to plan should be completed by September.

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