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Palmistry Case Study Example

Female Aged Approx 35years

The first thing to observe with this client is that the hand is offered straight with the thumb away from the fingers, this shows that the individual is friendly and happy for their palm to be viewed. Fingers are spread out showing they are generous and receptive.

Air Hand
The Air Hand is known as the intellectual hand and has a square palm with longer fingers. All major lines on the hand are clearly marked indicating the client is clever but not emotional. They would rather thrash out a problem rather than let it simmer. This individual needs mental stimulation and thrives under pressure. It would suit this individual to be a teacher or a journalist and they would excel in communication. They have an over developed mount of the moon which suggests an over active imagination and that they are ill fitted to handle the practical side of life. This individual may be able to talk themselves into believing whatever they want to. They have a normal outer mount of mars which indicates wholeness and honesty. They have a normal mount of mercury indicating they are witty, lively, like travel and excitement. This individual gets on well with people and enjoy chatting. They have a normal mount of Apollo showing they are popular and good fun, have a love of the arts, be stylish with good taste and enjoy beautiful things.

Hard Working
They have a normal mount of Saturn showing they are reliable and hard working with a good sense of humour, they are also not unhappy in their own company but are unlikely to achieve success until later in life. The mount has merged with Apollo which indicates practicality and an artistic flair. The client has a normal mount of Jupiter which shows a capacity for good fortune and success. They are popular, friendly and have good leadership qualities. They have a normal inner mount of mars showing strong beliefs that they are not afraid to fight for. They have an over developed mount of venus showing that this individual has boundless energy with a strong sex drive and they areself indulging. This client has a normal plain of mars showing they are self assured and are able to be able to deal with other people confidently.

The percussion has a straight edge showing they have a no nonsense approach and spends little time making things look nice. They have a normal Jupiter finger showing they are well grounded with the right amount of self confidence and modesty. The top phalange is short showing good intuition and the bottom phalange is long showing that this individual can be bossy. They have a normal Saturn finger showing they work hard and have a good sense of responsibility, this finger has a long bottom phalange showing they like the finer things in life with a short top phalange showing they are impetuous. The Apollo finger is normal showing emotional stability, a good creative streak and that they are competent. It has a short phalange at the top showing they are a dreamer. The bottom phalange is long showing this individual succeeds in turning their dreams into a reality. They have a normal mercury finger showing good communication skills, it has a long bottom phalange showing they like to chat.

Reading the Thumb
This individual has a normal thumb showing a good balance of ego, self motivation and drive. It has a long bottom phalange showing they take time when they are making big decisions. The thumb starts low on the hand showing this individual is practical. The client has conic fingers indicating this individual is impulsive with strong instincts. Am unable to see the upper side of this individuals hands so cannot comment on the nails.

Life Line
The life line on this hand starts high indicating this individual has known what they wanted in life from an early age, they have lots of physical energy and are ambitious. There is a feathery start to the line indicating a difficult childhood, they may have felt confused and inadequate. The end of the line is strong showing good health up until they die. The line gets stronger towards the end indicating their life becomes more dramatic and eventful as they get older. It is quite a large curve showing this individual is generous and good company with lots of different interests. They like to experience life to the full. I am unable to go any further with this point as I am unsure which hand is the dominant and which is the non dominant. The line is part pale, part strong showing how energy has fluctuated in the life of the individual. Where the line is strong it shows a good flow of energy, the pale part of the line shows the energy at a low point. There are small lines crossing the life line, this person may have been going  through a hard time at this point. It is pale with lots of feathery lines over the length of it indicating this person is often ill. The headline is joined to the lifeline showing they lack confidence in their ability to make major decisions, they are cautious, not very independent with very strong family ties. The line is slightly short showing they are a quick thinker and practical. The line slopes slightly downward showing a powerful imagination. There is a line crossing it which blocks energy represented by the line. These are called lines of interference and indicate times when ideas have been influenced by people or situations. The heart line starts from or near the mount of Jupiter showing this individual loves deeply and puts their partner on a pedestal. The line is feathered with lots of small lines showing an emotional and difficult childhood. The line ends on the inner side of the palm showing they are emotionally needy, they want everything from you and will probably get it.

They have experienced a variety of different emotions through their lifetime and life would be a roller coaster for them. It is a slightly curved line showing they are aware of the needs of others and are well balanced with regards to emotions. There is a normal heart line showing they have had an average experience of love, with no fireworks or fairytales.There are small lines on the line pointing downwards, this person is looking for a more intellectual connection.

Heart/Head Line
The heart, head and life line al touch near the thumb showing they have difficulty keeping their emotions and thoughts separate. It is a pale line on a good coloured hand showing they have trouble demonstrating their feelings. The fate line ends on the heart line showing that when this individual is retired they will prefer to do very little rather than enjoy their new found freedom. There is a branch at the end showing they may take on a new hobby or activity. The fate line, that shows career and direction in life. It is a clear line showing a settled, steady direction. The bracelets of Neptune show that the first bracelet is curved upwards showing a weakness in their constitution, this is less serious as the other bracelet is straight across. The quality of the case study picture means I am unable to make judgements on the medical stigma, lines of marriage, rings of Solomon, rings of Saturn, line of mercury, line of Apollo, line of mars, crosses, squares and triangles.

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