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Using tarot as a tool to run alongside either psychic development or meditation can be a brilliant tool and you may find you have exceptional results with this combination.

Learning Tarot 
To learn tarot you should ideally take a course or workshop, and many readers are self taught via books, however it can take a little longer to pick up this way. 
There are 78 cards in a full deck of tarot and these are divided into the major arcana of 22 cards and then the minor arcana of 56.

Some readers use all the cards some use only the major arcana, however when read as a whole a more revealing and accurate reading can be gained. 

Minor Cards
Fifty-Six Minor – these consist of the following:-
 Swords – Wands – Cups – Coins

The suits above relate to alternative energies. For instance swords indicate energy on a mental level, cups reveal more emotional energies
and coins deal with external energies such as health and finances, Wands tend to be energies connected with the more intuitive and spiritual side of our nature. 

Major Arcana Cards

Using just the major arcana cards alone can offer a great tarot reading and these cards can be easy to learn for the beginner so that they can still carry out readings. However as I have said by using the whole pack you will get a more in-depth reading. 

Top Tarot Tips for Beginners

  1. When you first get your tarot cards separate the major from the minor and just work with the major ones until you are familiar with all 22 cards.
  2. Keep these cards with you as much as possible during the first 22 days. 
  3. Take one card a day and mediate with this card. Look at the picture in depth and get a feeling for the card and its meaning.
  4. Wrap your cards in a cloth or place in a box of choice. 
  5. Seal your cards positively by placing the sun card at the top and the World card on the bottom when you have finished with your reading. 

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