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A message of Hope – Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction

A message of Hope to Healers and Lightworker for this upcoming event happening December 21st 2020

This month sees one of the greatest events that has not been seen for in almost eight centuries. As a light worker you may already be aware of this timely event.  This message if for you.
Hello, to all my soldiers, my brothers and sisters of the light. Our time to ascend out of the darkness and into the light is drawing near.
The Great Awakening – The Great Awakening is upon us. It’s time to rise to our full potential, our passions, our inner strengths, and follow that tug within our soul. Your spirit will be guided, by your angels, your consciousness, your faith and your love.
This is the time to rise!! We are the chosen ones, the disciples of love, of truth, of honour and service to others, what ever you feel you need to do on this great day, 21st December!
The Shift – Fulfil it, follow your heart, you will be guided to the place you can call home! God will be with you on this day and will reward all that you have done, it won’t be forgotten. your work, your time , your tiredness will be given an almighty shift! A shift of light! The light will shine on all of you that speak the truth, you will be given the tools to go forward from this day with peace and love in your heart and harmony in your soul.
Compassion – Please show compassion and love to those who resist, who cannot see the road ahead, be gentle, be kind, be understanding, this is your time to help them, to guide them, to heal them.
Your Mission – We all have a gift, a position in life, a purpose in this world. Your mission was asked of you before you came here, and you accepted this mission and you also agreed to this mission.
Warrior of Light – Honour your position and never doubt who you are. You are the warrior of light.
Your light will shine brighter than the brightest star in the sky. Its time to get ready for the golden age, the age of prosperity, of love, of happiness and truth.
Gatekeepers – we are the gatekeepers and we hold the keys. Stand in your power and god bless to you all that go there! Your work is nearly done here, stand together on this day and hold the light! Hold the way, hold each other up, we got this!
We got each other, we got LOVE, may God protect you all and keep you safe and well, love conquers all –  DIVINE DEBORAH
Source: Debbie Weadock – Astrologist and Psychic
Debbie Weadock
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