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December 2020 – Are you ready for the big shift?

Are you ready to witness this amazing event?

Something spectacular is happening above us, are you prepared?

During December 2020, you can witness a rare event in the night sky –  This is said to be the same event that the 3 wise men witnessed.  So what does this mean for us all and what will we see?

December 21st 2020 – On December 21st 2020  we will see an event that although was last seen in May 2000, it has not been this close in alignment since the year 1623 nearly 400 years ago. This is classed as a monumental occasion for planet enthusiasts and astrologers but we will also get to witness this all over the world.

three wise men

Jupiter and Saturn – We will see two of the largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, aligning on this day. This will appear as two bright stars uniting as one, also known as the “Christmas Star” and said to be seen by the 3 wise men. This was said to be as the “Star of Bethlehem.


Ceremony’s – On December 21 at 9.02 pm, an original ceremony will begin at Uluru (a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia) this is said that this could recharge the planet and revitalise the spiritual heart of our planet. I am sure we all agree that this would be wonderful thing to happen.

DNA Upgrade – It is said that this is the time when we will start to receive a DNA upgrade. Many lightworkers have been aware of this and working towards this by keeping their vibration high through inner spiritual work, meditation, good diet etc. dna


“The only way we can be of a high vibration is to consistently remove the fear and expand on the love and the light.”


Shakespeare once said, ‘the earth has music for those who listen’.


Shifting Consciousness – This is going to cause a great shift in the human consciousness and when our vibrations are higher we will then see major shifts amongst our communities.  We will see a shift towards more community-based living rather than looking to governments or big businesses for support.


People United – while people turn to smaller organisations as they look for support and trust within their own circles rather than trusting in large corporations, banks and big pharma which have now proved to put profit over people for far too long. Their world is crumbling whist the world of truth, light and love is now coming into being.  This is happening as we speak and many lightworkers are already setting up their own communities and getting prepared for what is to come.

Two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, will align on Dec 21st 2020


How to View this Event – This is going to appear really close and should be visible to the naked eye. – look to the west  and you will see what appears to be two stars. The brightest one will be Jupiter and the other one Saturn. Although you will not need binoculars to see this it will be great if you have them. Lets hope we have a clear sky to view.

Look up now – Keep you eyes up to the sky  before and after this date, and you can expect to see some amazing sky views.

After Effects – The shift is happening and has been happening all year.  The world, the planet, the people are now put on notice that the corruption and hate and wars will come to an end. It may take a few years for everyone to catch up but regardless this is going to happen. We are currently watching and witnessing the biggest change in human history and we as people of the world are now working more through our heart chakras.

Old Systems V New Systems – As old systems fail new ones will start to emerge. If you are holding on to old structures or ways then its time to let go, this could by anything you have not felt was  working for you in the past, whether this be a job or a relationship, its now time to let go. If anything  has been draining your energy then now is the time it must go to enable the new energies to exist and not to get stuck in the old ways.

New Possibilities – for our new world will start to emerge:-

  • Free Resources such as energy, heating
  • An end to poverty
  • An end to homelessness
  • An end to war
  • Psychic communication
  • New communities  and leaders run by lightworkers and healers (not governments as we know now)

A call to all healers –  As trust is now eroded in the big corporations and big pharma and huge worldwide concerns that governments are more concerned with profit rather than our health, then natural and complementary healers and energy workers are needed and likely to be called upon as never before.

Future – as we evolve as a human race you have two choices in which way you wish to go. As always free will is yours. But there is going to be many changes. You may find yourself changing homes, changing your diet, feeling more energised, healing skills developing faster, healers with special gifts becoming more apparent and many people with psychic senses becoming more acute.

Un-Evolved beings  – Will likely rebel, start fighting, burning and tearing down old structures, arguing, feeling helpless, frustrated, no belief in a positive outcome, despondent, fear based actions

Evolved beings – Awakened that we are all connected and treat each other as we would like to be treated, more respect for our fellow man, more compassion, resolving issues of homeless and child trafficking, working from our heart centres,

The Age of Aquarius – Once we begin to understand our connection to every soul we can then evolve to levels that can only be thought of now as Utopia. Once this happens we can expect a life unlike one we have never seen before.

A message to all reading this – As the beautiful and amazing human souls you are the time has now come to embrace this understanding and reclaim your power. It is time for the healers and lightworker to be the light that others can follow if they so wish.  You chose to be here at this important time in history. Your lives matter, Your souls matter and your Faith above all matters. Keep strong and keep spreading the truth.

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You speak your truth when the words flow and in your heart you just know


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