black friday

Black Friday – is it worth it?

Black Friday – Yes or No?

Love it or loathe it, it appears its for the time being here to stay. Some people actually save up all year to spend just on black Friday deals and others will buy things they do not really need just because it sounds like a bargain.

Luna has never really got involved with this as we find that our students and those who support us all year long realise we are always at the top of our game for offering fantastic courses at incredibly low prices.

Career Packages already 50% off – Our career courses already offer amazing value and are already discounted throughout the year, however even we agree that 2020 is hard going for many and if there are a few people out there who would really benefit we have agreed for this one time only to offer all our courses and career packages a further discount at check out.

48HR ONLY – This offer is only available until Sunday the 29th November 2020, so if you are reading this after this date then sorry but this amazing one off code will not work for you, however still check in as we always have great offers available throughout the year.

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black friday offer


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