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Building an Angel Alter

How To Build An Angel Alter


Alters – Many people are a little unsure what an actual angel alter is or why you should even have one.

If you would like to make a deeper connection with your angels or guides then building an alter in a peaceful and calm area where you can sit in peace and quiet and where you will feel relaxed enough and calm enough to open your heart and mind to your guides and angels is a positive way to make this connection easily.

This will the become your own sacred space and by creating an angelic altar you are setting out the intention to your guides and angels that you now wish open up a connection and communicate with them.

Creating an angel altar is very simple to do and in this article I will show you some easy tips on how to set your own alter up.

Setting up your alter – What you will need:

1. A flat surface such as a small coffee table or side table.
2. A cloth of a colour you feel drawn to or a simple white cloth will suffice
3. A large white candle, prefreably a church candle or you can use a tea lighter and put in glass jar.
4. Two crystals – include a clear quartz and some Rose Quartz
5. A crystal pendulum (not essential but may come in handy for future use)
6. A figurine or image of an angel whether this be a picture or an ornament or both.
7. Some insence sticks

Crystals are an essential part of building your alter and are particularly good when wishing to have an angel connection. The above are fine however there are so many crystals to choose from please use your own intuition as to which crystals you may like to have on your alter. The following crystals are also known to offer a good connection with guides and angels.

assorted crystals

Amethyst, angelite, moonstone, clear quartz, rose quartz or sodalite.

Now you have everything set up you will want to ensure you are not disturbed for the next 10-15 minutes. So of course this goes without saying that you should switch any phones off, tv’s etc… However some music is a great way to set the mood and there are many anglic cds or relaxing meditation music available and now would be good time to put some on in the background, but not too loudly.

Your alter is now ready for use

How to use your angel alter?

The idea of this scared space that you have now created is to connect to your guides and angels and to do this you should create a regular routine when using your alter.

1. Put on some relaxing music
2. Light your candle and incense stick
3. Now sit quietly and take some deep breaths, in hale counting to 3 and exhale counting to 3. Deep breaths in through your nose and exhale with mouth open.
4. After relaxing in the above method for a few moments then ask your angels to surround you in love and light
5. Ask your angels to be with you and if at this time you would like to know the name of your angel then ask.

You may or may not get your answer straight away but usually the first name that pops into your head could be your guides or angels name. Do not get too hung about being given a name as it is more important that you try to get a sense and  feel of the presence of your angels.

After sitting relaxing for 10 mins you should always thank your angels for being with you. Even if at first you are not sure
of their presence please acknowledge them. The more you practice this mini angelic meditation the more powerful your connection will become. The more you use your alter the more powerful the mediation.

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