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Foods for a Balanced Diet

Seven Foods Recommended to Incorporate In Your Everyday Life

If you’re tired of the regular inflammatory changes and ailments, then you might need to rethink your diet.

A balanced diet is all about including all the essential nutrients in your daily nutrition. You need to incorporate optimum ratios of carbs, proteins, as well as fats in your meals. Also, try to enhance the nutritional values by adding more vitamin sources. With a healthy diet, you can beat common infections, inflammatory changes, and related ailments.

It ensures proper recovery, aids in better sleep, and nourishes your vital organs. While every foodstuff has its importance, certain foods provide instant energy and nutrients. Some superfoods that replenish the nutritional demands are berries, high-fiber vegetables, and bananas.

Here are the top seven superfoods that you must include in your daily diet for maximum nourishment.

1. Bananas


Here’s the versatile fruit that is relatively easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Bananas are rich in essential nutrients and aid in better digestion. Also, the fruit is rich in minerals like potassium and calcium that strengthen your bones. It enhances muscle strength and improves your musculoskeletal coordination. From the delicious yet fulfilling banana smoothies to the delectable fruit salads containing bananas, you can try out the versatile ways to have them in your diet. Make sure to include the superfood for maximum muscle development, immunity, and digestion.

2. CBD Oil

Herbal oils are crucial for maintaining muscle action and may curb frequent inflammations. One of the essential oils to include in your daily routine is CBD oil. It interacts with our endocannabinoid system to regulate homeostasis. Also, it enhances the activity of receptors like anandamide and may reduce the perception of chronic pain. You can get your hands on the indica flower to prepare fresh CBD tea. Or, maybe create your version of CBD-infused meals for maximum nourishment. It improves your brain functions, enhances sleep routine, and curbs inflammation.

3. Berries

healthy foods

If your goal is to consume a balanced and healthy diet, then don’t forget the superfoods like berries. Almost every variety of berries is rich in many antioxidants like flavonols. Berries like raspberries, cranberries, and blueberries can prevent oxidative stress.

Try to incorporate berry smoothies and salads for the utmost nourishment. Berries may curb cancerous growths, provide more energy, and control inflammation. Not to forget, they also add more taste to your breakfast recipes like pancakes. You may use the berries in your morning salad or garnish them with some healthy desserts. Either way, the superfood is crucial for maintaining physical as well as mental health.

4. High-Fiber Cereal

Fitness is all about the nutritional values and digestive abilities of the foods you consume. If you’re on your way towards losing weight, then a high-fiber diet containing cereal may be the right option. It provides the much-needed energy to start the day and keeps you full for a long duration. Also, it may slow down the levels of a hunger hormone and keep you from munching on unhealthy snacks. It comes loaded with some nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals. You will get a kick start if you start your mornings with an energy-packed meal like cereal.

5. Green Veggies

green vegetables

Did you often hear your mother asking you to eat more green veggies back in childhood? It turns out the fuss about green foods was true. Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and cabbage are rich in nutrients that maintain body functions.

Also, it provides your body with the much-needed fibre or adequate digestion and assimilation. Most green leaves are rich in carotenoids that protect you from unwanted tumours. Hence, you need to load your dinner plate with raw green for the utmost nourishment and stamina. It helps in enhancing your nutrient reservoir and contributes to the anti-inflammatory effects.

6. Eggs

Whole eggs are the ultimate superfood that nourishes your muscular system and promotes immune functions. You may include a few eggs in your daily meals to meet your body’s daily protein demands. Also, it contains other nutrients like vitamin B, calcium, and selenium that promote physiological processes.

The anti-oxidant action through zeaxanthin and lutein may improve your eyesight in the long run. Try to prepare meals containing eggs like scrambled eggs or bread omelettes for adequate nutrition. That way, it can strengthen the muscular system primary and enhance your immunity in the long run.

7. Legumes


Leguminous foods can be your saviour when it comes to a better lifestyle and health. The nutrients like vitamin B, minerals, and proteins may reduce the chances of nutritional deficiencies. Include more legumes in the forms of salads and meals containing lentils, peas, and nuts. Also, it provides the much-needed proteins and fiber for adequate digestion.

Research suggests that legumes may promote relief from high blood sugar levels. Hence, it is quite useful for managing diabetes mellitus and related lifestyle disorders. You need to consume the legumes in the long-term for maximum protection against common ailments. Not to forget, it also makes you feel full for a longer duration and prevents excessive hunger.

Bottom Line

Try to replace junk foods with raw fruits and veggies for the utmost nourishment. Also, make a list of the superfoods that enhance the athletic and other abilities of your body.

Some superfoods that may help in this regard are berries, bananas, and eggs. You need to include more protein sources like legumes in your daily breakfast. It will satiate you and curb unnecessary snacking habits. Don’t forget to follow healthy dietary patterns for as long as possible.

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Source: Liz Thomson (guest author)
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