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How to choose the right perfume for you

Choosing the right scent

Blending oils is a skill of its own. This is why perfumers are paid so much money.

It can be difficult to know what perfume is right for you and the best way to get to know if it works for you is to try before you buy. Unless of course you know which scents you are already happy with and purchase a similar perfume incorporating some of the same notes in your favourite scent.

Notes – No you do not have to sing, this refers to how a professional perfumer makes a perfume.  They will use TOP notes, MIDDLE notes and BOTTOM notes. Normally when you try  a perfume for the first time it is recommended that you spray the scent on yourself and then leave it for a certain amount of time before smelling it again.

Top note -This is what you will smell first. Top notes will dissipate into the atmosphere after spraying.

Middle note – The top notes will smell for a while then they will develop a slightly different smell as they move down to the middle notes.

Bottom notes –  Finally, the smell will move down into the longer-lasting base notes.

This is why you should never buy a perfume on first spray. Leave it for several hours to let all the notes come into play and the final smell is the one that will be reacting with your own chemicals and you will then know if this is a smell you are happy with .

Why do some scents smell better on others than me?  Have you ever noticed that some perfumes just smell so good on someone else and it can be the same brand but can be a real turn off and may not smell so good on another person? That is because we each have our own chemistry which may compliment one smell but not another.

Synergy –  When going for a massage for example an aromatherapist would try to make a blend for the individual and offer you a massage that contains essential oils from some of the top, middle and bottom notes. These essential oil blends will then work well as all the notes will work together.  This is called SYNERGY.

Essential Oils – It is very important when you are mixing together 2 or more essential oils that the person who is about to receive them likes the smell. A professional therapist will always ensure they consult you first about your preference.

Extract taken from basic Aromatherapy Certificate Course

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