Best 3 Zodiac Signs

3 Zodiac Signs that Bring Good Vibes Inside and Out

When it comes to the Zodiac, all things must be in balance. So it’s no wonder that some signs have a closer connection to the divine than others.


Of course, some signs may not take too well to the concept, which can sometimes overwhelm them. Usually, when signs have an affinity for intuition or spirituality, they tend to be easily distressed.


Their empathy can sometimes work against them, leaving them vulnerable and moody. While they often mean well, you also can’t deny the intensity of their feelings.


Other signs, however, manage to work a good balance between being in tune with the energies around them and maintaining harmony within themselves. With this kind of grounding, these signs have both a positive outlook and a strong spirituality.


Here, I’m looking to find the three most spiritual signs that manage to stay positive in life. While they may not be the most spiritual or the most positive, there’s a beauty to the balance these signs bring.


I think I’ve explained myself enough. Let’s get on with the list! In no particular order, the top three Zodiac signs are…



Libras are one of the most optimistic signs in the Zodiac! Thanks to their sensitivity to the world around them, they are incredibly aware of everything. They believe in things larger than them and value the freedoms that they have.


Of course, with this gift of insight, they are also aware of the dangers that surround them. But they take it all in stride. They actively apply their influence on the world with the natural balance of things rather than against it.


They are pretty complex and can often see the nuance in every situation they find themselves in. Thanks to their excellent intuition, they usually have the insight needed to look at everything deeply.


However, while other signs may see the nitty-gritty details of life and feel overwhelmed, Libras do quite the opposite. They are more comfortable with the understanding that they can see all sides of a situation. Being acutely aware of the warnings and the bad vibes in their vicinity gives them a sense of control over the problem, and they take solace in the fact that they are not helpless.


In a way, their spirituality fuels their positive outlook on life. This kind of feedback loop makes them a great friend and a great mediator as well. Their practical perspective on the metaphysical grants them a sense of grounding that manifests within them and in their interactions with others.


Aquarius zodiac sign

Despite being an air sign, Aquarians are interested in that their skepticism and faith ebb and rise like the tides of the ocean. One moment, they’ll question everything and leave no stone unturned in search of deeper truths. The next, they’ll be letting destiny play out, vibing to the mantra of “it is what it is.”


Interestingly, while they do value free-thinking, they acknowledge the existence of powers beyond their understanding. While they cannot sense it physically, they can feel it manifest as their powerful intuition or gut feel. This duality is also what fuels their curiosity and their calmness.


When it comes to their spirituality, Aquarians have a practical outlook on the things they perceive. Because of this, they usually find themselves looking towards the future. Aquarians are very long-sighted, which is different from being far-sighted. As one of the most visionary signs, they always greet tomorrow with hope.


If anything, Aquarians absolutely abhor anything that can ruin their good vibes. They will not sit idly by when bad things happen to them or the people around them. Their first instinct is to find creative ways to return to peace and calm because they seem incapable of wasting energy on grumbling.


The Gemini is a fascinating creature as they are neither the most spiritual nor the most positive. However, their dual nature actually works in their favor in that they can understand their intuition without letting it carry them away.


Geminis seem to have a knack for social situations. Their intuition and insight usually shows itself as the Gemini’s ability to read people like a book. More often than not, a Gemini may already have an idea of what you’re going to say long before you get around to saying it.


They have vivid imaginations and dream deeply. Some Geminis may swear on the otherworldly nature of their dreams and glean messages from them. Regardless of whether this is the case or not, no one can deny that there must be something guiding the Gemini in their interactions.


Interestingly, this guidance helps them make an excellent first impression to others. Of course, their insight also extends to other aspects of their life. But while they have to accept both the positive and negative energies that come their way, they make an active effort to only focus on the good.


Unlike other signs that may not even register these warning signs and bad vibes, Conclusion

Let’s always remember that everything is relative. While some signs may find it easier to look at the brighter side of life or pick up on the subtle energies around them, there’s always enough space for an individual to be themselves.


No matter what, it’s always nice to know what our strengths and weaknesses are and to appreciate what we do have.


If your sign made the list, then please do your best to use your advantages to help yourself and others. It is good to be aware that you have this gift of balance between both spirituality and optimism so that you can make the most of it.


If your sign didn’t, then know that this does not diminish your capacities at all. After all, our gifts are only as good as how we use and develop them. More importantly, we are all blessed with unique blends of insight and positivity and all the other traits that make us who we are.

Source: David Thomas

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