how to close your chakras

How to close your Chakras

closing chakras

Closing Chakras

If you have had a hard day or having been doing some therapy work then its important to close down your own chakras.

When the task for which you have prepared is over, such as a aura or chakra cleansing for instance, then it is important to ensure that the chakras are then closed. The chakras open as we ‘give out’ or ‘receive’ energy and we must remember to close them again afterwards to help conserve strength.


Imagine each chakra is a flower in full bloom. Gently allow it to close its petals one by one. You can do this with each chakra, starting from the base and working up to the crown. In fact, this is a very good exercise to carry out as part of an on-going routine maintenance programme for both your aura and chakra systems.

Another method you can use is to visualize each of your  chakras as a camera shutter, then like a camera eye adjust it  to let different amounts of light in this way you can modify your chakra openings to let energy in. Play around with these methods and see what works best for you.

Rotating Chakras

Remember the chakras are constantly in a state of rotation. This is why they are called “chakra” which in Sanskrit means “wheel”. It is their rotating which attracts energy and draws it in or gives it off, depending on the direction of the rotation.

Which Way are my chakras rotating

The chakras rotate either to the right (clockwise) or to the left, depending on sex, thus enabling the energies of man and woman to complement each other. This is because the chakras that turn to the right in a man rotate in the opposite direction in a woman and vice versa.

Every clockwise rotation is primarily male, or in accordance with Chinese teaching, Yang, in nature, meaning that it represents willpower and activity as well as more negative characteristics of aggression and force.

Every  counter clockwise rotation is female or Yin in nature, and represents receptiveness and agreement, as well as the more negative characteristic of weakness.

How to Learn more about chakras
The chakra system is more complex than most people realize, however most agree that our 7 main chakras are the ones that most healers work with.  It is now further known that many spiritually developed people are opening up to their higher chakras. Taking a Chakra Course is a perfect way to develop skills as a both a holistic healer and chakra therapist.

Learn how to unblock your 4th Chakra  when this is blocked you may experience problems when relating to others, and if feelings of excessive jealousy, co-dependency, or being withdrawn are noticed this could be due to a block in this chakra.

Free Guide to 7 Chakras


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