4th chakra

4th Chakra

Discover the meanings of the 4th Chakra – Heart Chakra

Purpose and Function of 4th Chakra
This chakra is at the center of the entire chakra system. It is through this chakra that we find the capability to empathize with others and attune ourselves with the cosmic vibrations.  The purpose of this chakra is to achieve perfect union through love. In its true opened state, the fourth chakra forms the center of the true, unconditional love which exists only for its own sake and which therefore can either be possessed nor lost. You may have found that intense feelings of anger, or despair can be neutralized when you give them your loving unbiased and undivided attention. If you suffer from pain or illness, giving the affected organ or part of body your loving attention can accelerate recuperation enormously. With our heart chakra we therefore possess great potential for transformation and healing. The energy of the heart chakra streams out extremely strongly, and an open chakra here can have a spontaneous healing or transforming influence on others. The heart chakra radiates colours of green, pink and sometimes gold. Green being the colour of healing and sympathy. If an enlightened person or someone whom is capable of seeing auras perceived a clear light green in a persons heart chakra this would mean they have the capability to heal.

4th chakra

Colour: Green, pink and gold
Element: Air
Sense: Touch
Symbols: 12 petalled lotus

Associated Organs: Heart, upper back, lungs, thorax

Associated Glands: Thymus gland which regulates growth and also controls the lymphatic system. Can also help with strengthening the immune system.

Astrological signs and planets:
Leo/Sun: Emotional warmth, generosity and sincerity
Libra/Venus: Love, harmony, Contact
Saturn: overcoming ego.


An open heart chakra works together with all the others in harmony and will transform you into a channel for divine love. You will radiate a natural warmth and happiness. This in turn helps to open the heart chakras of others around you and offers inspiration and joy. You will feel free of inner disturbances and conflicts or doubt.


If this chakra is blocked or not functioning at its full potential then you although you may want to be there for others you will not feel connected with the source of love. You may secretly or without realizing it seek reassurance in return for the love you give and can feel deeply disappointed when your efforts are not appreciated. You may not be able to accept love that others want to give you

If your heart chakra is completely shut, this will express itself in coldness, indifference or even “heartlessness”. In order to feel anything at all you require strong external stimulation. You are out of balance and suffer from depression.


How to Cleanse and Activate the 4th Chakra

Taking a walk through some unspoiled green countryside can help to harmonzie your entire being. Every blossom will convey a message of love and joy and will allow the same qualities to bloom in your heart. Visualize a pink-coloured sky with clouds to brighten up and expand your heart. Let the beauty of the colours in this picture envelop you and carry you away.

Colour Therapy
Green: This colour will help you to feel harmony and empathy and to experience inner peace. Additionally green also has a regenerating effect on the body, mind and soul and can provide you with new energy.
Pink: this gentle vibration of colour can help to loosen tension in the heart chakra and help to awaken feelings of love and slenderness.

Crystal Therapy
Rose Quartz: This stone will help to open this chakra and to heal past wounds of the heart. The rose quartz to teach you how to accept and love yourself. It can help to make you more receptive to beauty and music and can enhance your creative powers.

Tourmaline: A pinkish red tourmaline will help to lead you out of narrow emotional structures and open and expand your heart. Pink tourmaline’s edged in green, which are often available as cut slices, are of particular value since they unite the expansive qualities of the pinkish-red tourmaline with the healing and harmonizing vibration of green.

Jade: This soft green light stone will attract peace and harmony and wisdom. It will help to make you calm and bring great relief if you find yourself fidgety or restless. Can also help you have pleasant dreams.

Attar of Roses: This fragrance has such a harmonzing effect on our wellbeing and is both loving and gentle. Helps to heal wounds to the heart. Aids in awakening our perception of love and beauty.


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