Tips to Ace Your Online Exams

Ace Your Online Exams

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Online learning is becoming increasingly popular, according to the U.S. Department of Education, with 30% of the total student population taking part in an online course. While being an online student allows you to set your own pace of learning, it also puts a huge responsibility on your shoulders to do the best you can in terms of results. Learn how to reach your goals with the following exam preparation tips.

Avoiding Exhaustion 
Many online students find that it’s tempting to overwork in the run-up to an exam. But working yourself to the ground is not a great idea. It only makes you more tired and has long term effects on your mental health. A comprehensive study showed that over 65% of academia who experience mental illnesses hold their academic pressure to be responsible for it. In order to avoid going that route, try not to push yourself over a certain limit in terms of active hours. Give your body the rest it needs to make the most of the time that you are awake.

Get Away from That Blue Light
It has been established that the blue light that is emitted through modern day screen devices is pretty effective at making your biological clock go haywire at night. This not only affects your body’s ability to relax but the harmful rays cause your body’s melatonin levels to be disrupted as well. The melatonin disruption can in turn progress to become a cause for cancer. Therefore, stay away from online study that involves your screen at nighttime. This would allow you to be on your best form during the day in order to be more alert and absorb more information for your upcoming exams.

Use Alternate Rooms While You Study
In an experiment conducted in 1978, college students were asked to study 40 vocabulary words in two rooms. The study found that those students who alternated their study timings between both rooms did significantly better than those who stayed solely to either of the rooms. The reason for this was described as the mind’s ability to marking and associating visual clues to a memory experience. When too much of our memories are associated with the same visual cues over a short period of time, they become harder to access. By alternating the visual cues by changing rooms between study sessions, you can give your mind a relaxed space to remember more information.

Keep Calm and Conquer
As an online student who is responsible for their own study schedule, what matters the most is to keep a good head on your shoulders and take the exam one subject at a time. You will need to stay calm through the period leading up to the exams. If you tackle everything with a collected state of mind and implement these few suggestions that will help you control your day to day routine, then you can certainly ace your exams.

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