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Energy Healing Consultation

Case study offering client energy healing

energy healing consultation

I work in a busy clinic as a remedial massage therapist and so already have a suitable tranquil  room to work in with soothing instrumental music playing in the background. My hair is neatly tied back, my hands and wrists are free of jewellery and I wear loose fitting trousers and a clean white T-shirt.


I greet my client in a warm and professional manner and ask him to complete the client information form. While he is doing this in the reception area I excuse myself and go and wash my hands and prepare for the session. I begin by deep breathing with empty retention, then visualize raising energy up from my feet to my base chakra and bringing energy down through the crown chakra throughout my body, down my arms to collect in my hands. When I feel grounded and can sense the energy flowing through my hands ( a warm buzzing sensation ) I return to my client and show him to the treatment room.


Once we are in the treatment room I check the form to see if there is anything I need to be aware of ( allergies, major injuries etc ) and ask if there is anything in particular he would like to work on. He says nothing specific but he has been feeling a bit scattered and unable to focus lately and he feels a bit stressed due to a work deadline. I talk to him about what I will be doing and what he might expect during and after the session. I also explain that he will remain fully clothed and if he feels uncomfortable at anytime we will stop the session. I ask if he has any questions. He has none.


I ask my client to lie on his back on the treatment table, the table is well padded and comfortable. It is covered with a fresh soft blanket. I adjust the pillows at his head ( covered by a clean towel ) and place another pillow under his knees for support. I check that my client is comfortable.

I take some slow abdominal breaths and connect in with the energy running through my hands. Using a slow, gentle voice I encourage Shane to relax and guide him through an autogenic relaxation exercise. Once he is completely relaxed and comfortable I begin the chakra cleanse/balance.

chakra and aura healing

As I am only just beginning to sense energy with my hands I decide to incorporate a tool I am familiar with to determine the state of each chakra. I tap on a chakra then muscle test to see if the chakra needs to be balanced. Beginning at the root chakra ( I tap above this chakra not on it as this is an intimate area ) and work my way up through the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. If the muscle test has a weak response I cleanse and balance the energy centre involved. I do this with my hands, I move my hands in an anti-clockwise direction and sweep energy out, approx. 20cm above the chakra until I can feel a change. When I begin it feels thick and slow like moving through water. As I progress it  becomes lighter as though moving through air. I shake off the energy and ensure that I am breathing deeply. I then change direction and move my hands clock-wise and ask my client to visualize breathing the related colour into the area (eg: Red when working on the root chakra). When I feel I have done enough I muscle test again, if strong I move on. I use the Brachioradialis muscle so that the test in very unobtrusive so as not to disrupt the clients’ relaxation.


When I have completed the process I run my hands over and above my client’s body to cleanse the aura. I then hold my clients feet to ground him and ask him to slowly and gently bring his awareness back into the room, to feel his physical body against the table, to wiggle his fingers and toes, and when he feels ready to open his eyes. I ask how he is feeling and offer him some water. I help him to sit up.

Always offer client a glass of water after any holistic treatment
Always offer your client water


My client tells me he is feeling lighter, incredibly relaxed and energised. He also reports that the ache in his wrist and low back have gone. I advise him to drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day and to avoid alcohol for a day or two. I advise him that he may experience shifts within his system, over the next few days, this could include emotional upsets or fluctuations in energy levels and that this is normal but if he was at all concerned he should call me.


I ask my client if he would like to book in again, he said he would, so I schedule him in for next week. I write the date and time on my business card and thank him for coming to see me and tell him I look forward to seeing him again and to take care.  


When my client has left I replace the blankets and towels on the treatment table, open a window and go and wash my hands with warm water and soap, I then run cold water over my hands for a while to wash off any residual energy. I have a glass of water and do a grounding exercise.




 I felt the Energy Therapist conducted herself in a very professional manner. I was made to feel at ease and that I was the focus of the session. I have never had an energy healing session before and to be honest I was quite sceptical but I could actually feel warmth, tingling and movement when Sharon was working with me. I felt amazing afterwards and over the next couple of days I could feel I was becoming more focused and far less stressed and the pain in my wrist and back have gone.



Taking a course in energy healing

Anyone offering any type of holistic treatment whether it be counselling, a massage treatment a Reiki consultation is using energy. Learning how to direct energy to help your clients is invaluable.  Gaining skills in this subject will assist  you in helping others to deal with every day aches and pains, stress, emotional difficulties and certain medical conditions.    

Online Energy Healing Certificate course – Enrol Here                                       

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