hot stone massage treatment

Preparation for Hot Stone Massage

Details of hot stone massage treatment

Preparation and hot stone consultation and treatment

Client – Female aged 26

hot stone massage treatment
Treatment of 26 year old female with hot basal stones and using olive oil as a carrier oil.
Client has no skin complications, circulatory problems and is in good health on treatment day. Treatment room already prepared before clients’ arrival.

Preparation 10 min :
I prepared the basic hot stone massage therapy equipment that I need such as a massage table, linen or sheet for the table, massage oils, massage stones like basalt stones (I have already prepared 40-50 pieces of large and smaller stones), and a heating device for these stones, in advance for my client arriving.
The stone warmer is pre heated to the correct temperature before client arrival with a white facecloth on the bottom for easy stone identification.
Also, room already prepared before the client arrives, by draping the massage table with clean linens and by setting up a tranquil ambience through pleasurable aromas by burning scented candles, using low lighting and soothing music.


Preparing treatment card and consulting 10-15mins:
client is 26year old female on no medication and has no contraindications that towards the hot stone massage. Client is non- smoker and not pregnant or breastfeeding although had minor keyhole surgery 6 months ago for bladder incontinence.
After consideration and with client permission, advice is given that when performing the massage I will leave out the bladder area for the hot stone massage to avoid over stimulating the scar tissue which may not be healed.

Advice is given to client about the benefits of hot stone massage for physical and spiritual balancing. Client is asked why they are interested in a hot stone massage and client explains that frequent gym sessions are leaving her muscles sore with built up lactic acid. She explains she would not like the chakra balancing aspect of the massage performed.
Extra Advice is given that after massage, refraining from gym activity should give the muscles the chance to recover. Client signs contraindication form and I begin.


I asked client to lie down on the table, a towel is used for draping parts of the body not being worked on for client confidence in discretion. I placed the larger flat stones on each side of the spine without coming in actual contact with the spine, and asked the client to lie down on the stones so the heat can penetrate the back with the front of client is being worked on.
I Begin by massaging the face lightly with a coating of oil and Place four stones on the face. Put the first stone underneath the lips, the second and third stones on each cheek and the fourth stone on the center of the forehead.
I move down the clients’ body by next going to my client’s arm, and use the effleurage stroke to coat it with oil. I massaged the arm area by using medium-sized flat stones. After that, I put a warm stone on your client’s palm. Do the same thing with the other arm
I then moved down to my clients legs where she is receiving most of the muscle pain. I massaged some oil on the right leg. Rub the hot stone on each side of the leg and then place small stones between each of your client’s toes on his right foot. Repeat the process with the left leg and left foot. I took an extra 5mins on the front of the legs to provide maximum muscle stiffness relief.

Then once finished, I Remove the stones I have placed on the face, hands and toes, and ask client to turn over, draping the towel discreetly and removing the basal stones that were on the bed from before.
I massage the back area using various stones to apply pressure on key acupressure points. After massaging this area, I lay one stone on each shoulder, one on each scapular area and one on the client’s lower back. I ask client if the temperature of the stones is comfortable and she assures me that it is working already to relax her.
I go to the back of my client’s legs and place a medium-sized warm stone underneath the buttocks, on the backs of the knees and on the calf. I massage with upward strokes on the backs of the legs and Gluteus Maximus and flip the stone over before bringing the stone down with downwards strokes.
For maximum relaxation in this massage I close it down with an Indian head massage. I Massage the scalp of the client down to the neck and shoulder area, using just the oils while the heat of the rest of the stones stimulates the muscles. I give the lymph nodes in these areas some light compression to stimulate the lymphatic system to release the lactic acid build up.
I remove the stones that have been previously placed on the client’s body. And place them in cold water to cool them down for future use.
For the final part of the massage I tell the client it is coming to an end and use effleurage strokes on the client’s back and leg area using the tips of your fingers. I then leave the room and Give my client some time to cool down and change.

After care
When I return I offer the client a glass of water and repeat the aftercare advice about refraining from strenuous activity for 24 hrs as well as informing her that abstaining from tea/coffee/alcohol and cigarettes will be best to provide maximum benefit of detoxification to the body.
I make a follow up appointment and ask client to fill out feedback form when client leaves I remove the bedding for washing and clean and recharge my basal stones with reiki energy.

CONCLUSION: client feedback, “I really enjoyed this massage as I had been suffering from stiff and sore muscles from lots of exercising, It was deeper than I expected but not uncomfortable which I thought it would be because I was in pain. I recommend a hot stone massage any time”

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