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Psychic & Spiritual Case Study

Psychic and Spiritual Case Study

Learning to use psychic development techniques

Having come into Spiritualism totally blind and unaware of what we all hold inside I was very surprised to be made aware of the capabilities that we all hold, having followed the exercises outlined in the course Psychic & Spiritual Development I began to practice on family and friends and as each exercise developed I felt more and more drawn to a particular therapy.


dowsing using a pendulum for psychic development

One lady in particular was more relaxed which allowed energies to flow more easily, I found that over the sessions while practicing exercises relating to the Aura I found myself being able to become at one with her, this was more obvious when working with dowsing and travelling over each Chakra, I was able to locate quite easily where blockages where happening and through the dowsing tool we were able to correct the problem over a number of session, the confirmation received from the Lady was all that was needed to confirm proof that the dowsing had in fact helped in many ways to restore her wellbeing.


Overtime working with this lady and still practicing what the course notes were saying I found that I no longer needed to use a dowsing tool while trying to locate a blockage within the Chakras because when we began to practice with the Aura I found myself after a few moments of meditation being drawn to her until I could feel the edge of her Aura, this to me was signaled by a tingle sensation in and around my hands, as I continued to be aware of her Aura I was beginning to become as one with her, and while staying focused I began to notice in my minds eye what I perceived as her Chakras and noticed various movements, colour and speed all slightly different, remaining focused throughout I was able to visualize each and every Chakra as it was and having recalled from studying the course in Psychic and Spiritual Development realized that things were not as they should be regarding colour and speed of each Chakra.


chakra and aura healing

Staying with these images I was able to focus on each Chakra individually  and visualize the colour returning to its correct state, at the start of the session, working with the Chakras I was able to become aware of the colours, we began by being drawn to the Root Chakra which to me look to be okay as it showed itself as a bright clean red colour and appeared to be spinning in a constant speed, travelling further up as being guided I noticed that the Sacral Chakra was what appeared to be at the correct colour, that of a bright clear orange.  However moving up towards the Solar Plexus where I expected everything to be normal this Chakra was not the bright yellow that I thought it would be , it appeared very murky and dirty yellow the speed appeared to be very sluggish, so staying with this Chakra and visualizing the correct colour energy and directing it towards that are I was able to bring it back up to speed, travelling further up the body we came to the heart Chakra and this was also not the colour or speed I felt it should be, so again visualizing the correct colour green and sending it down to the heart area I was able to hopefully correct the problem.


As we travelled through the body we arrived at the throat Chakra although I felt a little bit more comfortable with this area the colour it should have been was not obvious, so again directing the colour  blue in a bright image the Chakra slowly began to feeling very much up to strength, I also felt as I was drawing energy in for the client I myself was being refreshed and felt able to carry on, I then travelled up to the brow ( third eye ) and although the colour and speed felt and seem okay I did feel a lot of tension, headache etc I was able to  direct fresh energy to this area in the hope that the reason behind this problem will eventually fade, finally I moved on to the crown Chakra  where as I expected the colour purple to very clear and spinning at the rate I would have expected as the client was a very spiritual lady, however after the session we talked about what I had become aware of and she confirmed to me of a lot of family problems that were going on at the time, hence to solar, heart Chakras being out of sort, the throat which also showed a problem I took to be an indication that she has problems voicing her opinions, we left the session in the hope that working with and clearing the Chakras that they may bring a bit of relief to this lady and hopefully in time clear any problem.  The client at the time mentioned that she felt just like before when using the dowsing tool until a few days later when she remarked how energetic she was now feeling.


Having now practiced for several weeks trying out different Psychic exercises I feel that working with chakras and Auras will be one area that I will work more with over time.


Making use of the meditation exercises found within the course I have now become aware of Spirit, however what has surprised me is that they appear to be different groups as though some are around to guide with healing while others are more involved with the channeling aspect of Spiritualism.  While I have not been able to say this one looks like that while that one looks a different way, the light that emanates from each tells me each and everyone is different yet without knowing how I some how know who belongs to what group.


To summaries after completing the Psychic and Spiritual Development course I feel that although I was aware of things both Spiritual and on a Psychic level, I have learned many new techniques and also refreshed many things I had forgot about.

Case study completed


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