chakra and aura healing

Chakra and Aura Case study

Chakra and Aura Consultation

Details of  chakra treatment:

chakra and aura healing

Prior to Client’s treatment I washed my hands and then did an aura meditation to prepare myself. Breathing deeply and relaxing my mind and body. I imagined a cord of energy stretching deep down into the earth, connecting me with the earth. Once I made sure my energy was properly grounding. I released any unhealthy energies down through the cord to be transmuted by the earth and drew in brilliant white light from the universe down into my crown chakra and filling up my body, expanding my aura.

I connected with my higher self and asked my spirit guides and Client’s to be present during the session, I visualized the white light energy creating a protective shield around me and asked that the treatment room, myself and Client be protected during the session. When Client arrived I asked her how she was doing and what she would like me to work on, so I could update her treatment card. Client said she was still struggling with a lot of stress in her life, which was affecting her appetite. She hadn’t been struggling as much with her stomach since our earlier treatments, which was good. She was still super tired though and struggling to get through her days. I told her we could definitely try to work on that some more. I asked her to remove her coat and shoes, get comfortable and lie down on her back on the table. Initially I used my pendulum to assess her chakras.


Using Pendulum on Chakras

dowsing with a pendulum

I programmed my pendulum and held it over each chakra. Her root chakra spun slowly in the wrong direction. Telling me the energy was weak and out of balance. Her sacral chakra spun slowly. Her energy was weak. Her solar plexus was erratic and overactive, but not as badly as it had been in earlier sessions. So there was some improvement which was good. Her heart chakra was weak, but spinning as it should. Her throat chakra was a little weak, but spinning normally. Her third eye and crown chakra spun wider that her other chakras as usual, indicating strong psychic abilities and more difficulty connecting with her physical body. I set the pendulum down and ran my hands through her aura. The energy felt thick and sticky around her lower body, so I focused on drawing the harmful out of her aura and releasing the energy back to the universe where it can be transmuted into more refined, healthy, balanced energy. I felt the harmful energy leaving her energy field. Once the harmful energy felt properly released, I moved up to her upper abdominal area and focused on calming the energy. I focused on sending the excess energy to areas of her aura that needed more so I could better balance the overactive energy and reenergize the underactive areas. Once the energy started feeling a bit calmer and more balanced, I worked my way up. I could some denser darker energy around her chest area, so I focused on drawing that out and releasing it back to the universe to be transmuted. I worked my way up around her head area and focused on calming the energy a bit and visualizing it coming into balance with the rest of her energy. I wanted this energy to be more in harmony with the lower energies, instead of overpowering them. Before she can truly connect with and control her psychic abilities, she would have to learn to connect with her physical body. I breathed in energy from the universe and channelled that energy into Client’s aura as I ran my hands through her aura. I paused over her chest area and over her lower abdominal area to focus extra energy to those locations. I asked Client how she was feeling. She said she was feeling a bit calmer.


Using Crystals

reiki crystals

I decided to do a crystal layout to balance out her chakras. I felt all of her chakras needed some extra help, so I did a full 7 stone layout. I programmed the crystals to help restore healthy balance to Client’s chakras, physical body, and of every level, according to the highest good of all and the harm of none. I had Client place a garnet on her root chakra, I placed a carnelian on her sacral chakra, a citrine on her solar plexus chakra, a ruby fuchsite on her heart chakra, an angelite on her throat chakra, a sodalite on her third eye chakra, and an amethyst on her crown chakra. To amplify the crystal energies and draw in more healing energy. I surrounded Client with clear quartz double terminators all pointing inwards. I placed 1 between her feet, 1 on either side of each knee, 1 on either side of each elbow, 1 on either side of her neck and 1 at the top of her head. I left the crystals in place for 20 minutes, while I went to work on her chakras. Her root chakra felt blocked, so I used my clear quartz double terminator wand to draw out the blockage and restore proper energetic flow. After a few passes with the wand, I felt the bulk of the blockage was gone. I visualized a cleansing violet flame burning through the chakra and cleansing it of any residual harmful energy. Once I felt it was properly cleansed, I visualized a healthy red light energy filling the root chakra and restoring it back to its proper function.


channelling energy in the chakras

As I visualized the energy, I asked Client to take slow deep breaths. As she did she was to breathe on red light energy into her root chakra, helping boost her energy level and enhance her connection with her physical body. I did the same with her sacral chakra, only using orange light. I asked Client to visualize and breathe in orange light energy, filling her sacral chakra. This energy would help boost her creativity, so she can find creative, constructive and simple ways to overcome her daily struggles. When I moved up to her solar plexus chakra, I used my hand to slow and control the chakra, so it would spin in a more balanced, less chaotic way. I gently focused on channelling healthy yellow energy. I asked Client to breathe in yellow light energy into her solar plexus chakra. This would help reduce her stress levels, and allow her to be more relaxed during her day, so she could rest at night. I used my wand to remove some dark energy build-up from her heart chakra, before visualized a cleansing violet flame burning away the harmful energy residue. I channelled the energy while Client breathed in swirling green and pink loving energy into her heart chakra. This would help invite more love into her life and help her to love and respect herself. I also used the violet flame on her throat chakra. I channelled energy into while Client breathed bright blue energy into her throat chakra. This would help boost her confidence and help her to communicate her needs to others. I worked to bring her third-eye into balance with the energy level of her other chakras. I channelled the energy while Client breathed in indigo blue energy into her third eye chakra. This would help calm her mind, organize her thoughts and allow her to focus, so she could calmly accomplish all her tasks during the day. I did the same thing with her crown chakra only directing her to breathe in violet light energy. This would help her to stay better focused on her physical life, so she can fulfil her life’s purpose. I removed the crystals and set them aside to be cleansed and charged later. I smoothed my hands through Client’s energy field to make sure everything way flowing as it should be and told her we were done for today. I told her she could get up slowly when she felt ready.



I asked her how she felt and she said she felt much calmer than she did when she walked in. I asked her if she felt ready for the rest of her day. She said, she felt a bit better about going out and tackling the world although she admitted, she preferred her time during the sessions. She felt calm during the sessions, but she felt that as the day progressed she would start stressing out again. I told her, she could take a break anytime during her day and do the color breathing exercises if she felt stressed out. It only has to take a few moments, so whether she is taking a bathroom break, sitting behind her desk, or on the road, she can take calming breaths and bring that calming energy into her wherever and whenever she needs it. I also reminded her to drink plenty of water to flush out not just toxins from her physical body, but from her energy field as well. I had a bottle of water ready for her to take with her. I scheduled another appointment with her and updated her treatment card.


chakra and aura healing course

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