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Reiki healing session using symbols

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki Case study example – level 2

reiki healing sessions

Before doing my Reiki treatment I created the ambience in my treatment room. A comfortable couch with dim lighting, incense stick burning and I lit some candles. I chose some healing music to play during the treatment. I placed a rose quartz under my couch to amplify the healing energy.
I then meditated to ask my guides and angels to assist me with this healing and to work with me. I also asked which crystals to use on the 7 main chakras to unblock and balance the body and which ones were ok to use with this client.Initial Consultation

When my client arrived we filled in a consultation card and went through any medical issues to which there was none. I then talked about what the Reiki treatment would consist of and how she felt about it. She was apprehensive but excited about experiencing Reiki for the first time. I asked her to get comfortable on the couch, no need to remove any clothes and I left the room to wash my hands to remove any negative energy I might have picked up.
When I returned to the room I stood at the head of the couch. I centered myself by assuming the Kanji hand positions before again asking for guidance and assistance during this treatment.

Using power symbols

reiki power symbols

I drew the power symbol Cho ku rei on my hand also Sei he ki the mental and emotional symbol. I visualized the symbols in my head and called the name of the symbols 3 times in my head. Using the Reiki symbols magnifies and boosts the energy.
In my head I say “Reiki on” and proceeded with the first position with my hands over the clients eyes, starting at the front of the clients head I work through all the positions. If I feel the energy is needed somewhere else or for longer in one position than another I will do so. Working my way: Temples, back of head, throat, heart, rib cage and pelvis. Whilst client was on here back I was drawn to her shoulder (left) I felt this needed more energy so I worked on it for longer, I asked my client to turn over where I placed my hands on her shoulders, kidneys, lower back and sacrum. I was then drawn to her knees so placed my hands on them. I worked with each area for approximately 5 minutes but longer for knees and shoulder.

Using Crystals reiki crystals
I then placed crystals over the 7 main chakras, root/base – red jasper, sacral – carnelian, solar plexus – yellow jasper, heart – rose quartz, throat – blue agate, third eye – amethyst, crown – clear quartz. This is how I do my Reiki healing and unblocking and balancing the entire body. I then draw the power symbol Cho ku rei over the chakras to seal in the energy at the end of the treatment. I placed my hands on my clients feet to help ground them. As my client is interested in crystals I offered her a smokey quarts to also help with the grounding.

Aftercare Advise

I suggested my client stayed on the couch while I washed my hands to disconnect; I got a glass of water for my client. I returned to the treatment room and helped my client sit up and get comfortable and went through the treatment in detail with her. I asked her how she was feeling, she was tired but felt very relaxed and at ease, she felt very hot sensations over her shoulder as I did. I explained I was drawn to this area and felt it needed more energy, she has been suffering with this shoulder for sometime. I had a tingling sensation when working with her knees which she has had long term problems with. I went through after care and suggested she drank lots of water today and rested as much as possible in the next few days. I said I would contact her in a few days time and suggested she would benefit from a series of Reiki treatments. I called her later that week and asked how she was feeling and what experiences she has had since her treatment, she said she felt very emotional and lethargic for a couple of days but now is feeling well with more energy and very positive and her shoulder has felt a lot easier, she feels very positive about her treatment and wants to continue with Reiki in the future.

Learning Reiki

Learning reiki is easy and fun to do and the benefits are amazing. Not only can you heal others but you will learn to keep yourself in tip top condition and our complete reiki package will show you how to complete a full treatment on both yourself and others.

Learn Reiki

Learn Reiki
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