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Case Study – Life Coaching

Life Coaching Session Case Study

Using Vak – Sun Dial and Steppa

life coaching

I started the session by thanking S.R. for coming along and taking part in a Case Study for Life Coach. Explaining Life Coaching identifies areas for change, brainstorm possibilities, look at removing obstacles, and identify a goal(s). An overview of paperwork involved was explained i.e. Treatment Card; – Health and Life area Assessment; VAK Exercise; Sun Dial; Well Informed Outcome Questionnaire; Use of the STEPPA model, and Well Informed Outcomes checklist.
Prior to starting the session I asked S.R. if she felt okay completing a ‘Health Questionnaire’ which would highlight current health condition and prescribed medication. S.R. was happy to complete this. I introduced ‘The Contract’ asking her to read and sign if she agreed with the Terms & Conditions in the contract in terms of: Respect, Honesty, Non-judgement, Timing and Confidentiality. S.R. had a look over the paperwork and was happy to complete and sign. This was a good starting point to build rapport. I then asked S.R. to tell me where she was in her life just now, and to give me an insight as to what her goal in life is?

S.R: Is 23, a mum to a little boy of 16 months, she lives with her partner, and works P/T as an administration assistant She feels her life has come to a standstill since the birth of her son, her time is consumed by looking after her son, partner and home, leaving no time for herself. She is generally unhappy with her weight, she has went up two dress sizes since the birth of her son. She appeared stuck (Anchored) her belief system identified that she feels, she isn’t good enough for her partner anymore Sounding deflated as she spoke I moved into position (1) NLP sharing my views stating she sounded fed up and being too hard on herself since the birth of her son, and to correct me if I’m making a wrong assumption. She stated ‘I guess I am’. I reflected key words and summarised to clarify my understanding. I stated that these issues can be worked on, and if it was okay with her we could get started. S.R. was happy to do this.
V.A.K Exercise.
Her representational system is Kinaesthetic, highlighting that I would need to observe her feelings, showing empathy throughout the process. I asked her to close her eyes for a moment and tell me how her current situations feels to her right now, she opened her eyes stating ‘I feel awful, fat and ugly’ asking her to take another moment, closing her eyes and feeling how she would feel when she has achieved her desired goal, she closed her eyes then smiled, opening her eyes she stated ‘That made me feel really good inside’. I stated that repetitive negatives thinking affect your whole well being, thus it was my job as a Life Coach to help her change that in order she can experience more positive feelings about herself, and seek her desired goal. We moved onto the Health & Life Assessment.

Health & Life Area Assessment
S.R took her time to think about her scoring, discussing where she felt she was with each topic. Allowing the silence to enable her to think about her own answers. S.R had identified five areas in her health assessment being 0 – Aerobic, Resistance exercise, Fitness Level, weight, and relaxation. Life Area Assessment being 0 in Personal Development. S.R felt her ‘Goal’ is weight loss, but feels she can’t find the time for herself.

Sun Dial

Goal (Weight Loss) was placed into the circle I asked her to think of ways to achieve her goal, and write it around the outside of her goal? I made one suggestion ‘Join the Gym’ as S.R. was unclear as to what I asked her to do. See the following:

• Join the gym.
• Get up two hours before her son 3 times weekly to exercise to DVD
• Look at the cost of joining the gym.
• Set aside two nights a week.
• Buy a trampoline
• Pay a babysitter or partner to watch their son.
• Walks with her son in the buggy
• Eat Healthier
• Arrange to have a programme set by Fitness Instructor
• Exercise at home.
• Use of fitness DVD.
• Cut out Fizzy Drinks
• Seek support from her partner
• Calorie count.

Actively listening to her ideas, matching body language with good eye contact I moved to position (2) NLP putting myself in her shoes, stating ‘You’ve created a list of possibilities, how do you feel now?’ She continued to analyse everything, her tone of voice changed I sensed she was feeling deflated by the time she had done this task, slumping back into the chair (physiology), stating her family commitments, finances and the cost of a babysitter would not allow her ‘Goal’ I suggested we to move from A to B and look for a solution to help her achieve her goal, by looking at her options, and removing all obstacles.


SPECIFIC: S.R. felt that having no free finance, joining a gym was unrealistic, looking at all option of fitness at home, and a change if diet, would be a starting point.
TARGET: S.R. agreed to compile a monthly ‘Action Plan’ she felt small steps would allow her goal be achievable.
EMOTION: A rating of 10 highlighted she is fully committed and motivated.
PERCEPTION/PLAN: Finance is a constraint at the moment, leaving her deflated. Exploring all option S.R. exercising at home, changing her diet, go for walks are realistic to complete her ‘Action Plan’.
PACE: S.R. felt one month goal setting is measurable, rather than a 12 month to 2-5 year plan, as she needed to take small steps.
ADAPT/ACTION: S.R. feels setting dates will keep her focused, purchasing a trampoline, and seek support from her partner will be necessary to keep her motivated.

Well Formed Outcome Exercise\Questionnaire

Her goal being specific, she feels it measurable, to achieve she will need support and encouragement from her partner, and look at setting her goal over a period of one month, she feels her relationship will benefit as her mind set will becomes more positive, and her confidence grows. She will know she has it when she loses weight, and feels good, her obstacles are babysitter, time, and money, she worries she will lose her sense of self if she didn’t get it. She feels ready to make a commitment.

One Month Goal Setting Action Plan



1. Compile a weekly Healthy Food Planner, with partners input – Thursday, 3rd March
2. Get weighed by Friday 4th March
3. Cut down Fizzy Drinks immediately
4. Walks with son from Saturday, 6th March
5. Schedule fitness two days week by Friday 11th March with the support of partner
6. Purchase a Trampoline on payday Tuesday 15th March
7. Review Progress made week commencing Monday 21st March
8. Review ‘Action Plan’ week commencing Monday 28th March


1. Book a family day out on April 1st for her achievements

End of Session: I ended the session by letting her know we were now at the end of the session, giving constructive feedback on all points covered, and stated how well she had done to work through her session, and highlighted the progress she had made with the tools provided. Although she hadn’t set goals for the future i.e. 1 year to 2-5 years I gave her the paperwork away with her to give it some thought. I asked her permission to call her at the end of the month to see if she had worked within her agreement. S.R. stated that this was fine. Before leaving I gave her permission to call me if she should become stuck. I felt the session went well in terms of S.R. having depression and lacked motivation. The relationship developed as we worked through each stage.

Goal Document:

Follow up telephoned call to S.R. on Friday and she confirmed that she works out two days a week, with the help of her partner, who watched their son, she has purchased a trampoline, and uses her DVD, her eating habits have gradually changed for the better. She rewarded herself by booking a massage.
Clients Feedback:

‘I found this task difficult at first, and feel my depression stopped me from seeing a clear picture of possibilities. Angelica gave good clear information, and guidance, she challenged me to look deeper. This is a small step, and I feel glad that I gave this a try, keeping all agreements with myself has given me an insight to anything is possible. Although Angelica had me look at the goals for 12 month and 2-5 years I didn’t feel ready for that. I feel a monthly goal is manageable for me just now. I will certainly look at setting ‘goals’ for the future to help my personal development’

Sample of Case study – Luna Holistic Student

Life Coaching Accredited Course Studied

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