5th Chakra


Colour: Pale blue, also silver or greenish blue
Element: Ether
Sense: Hearing
Symbols: 16 petalled lotus

Associated Organs: Neck, throat and jaw. Voice, trachea, bronchial tubes, ears, upper lungs, esophagus, arms.

Associated Glands: Thyroid which plays an important part in the growth of the skeleton and inner organs. 

Astrological signs and planets:
Gemini/Mercury: Communication and interchange of experience and knowledge.
Mars: Self expression
Taurus/Venus: Feeling for form and space
Aquarius/Uranus: Inspiration, higher wisdom and independence

Purpose and Function of 5th Chakra
The throat chakra is the center of the human capacity of expression, communication and inspiration. It is also connected to a smaller secondary chakra at the seat of the neck opening at the back. These two energy centers are often viewed as one. In its function the neck chakra is so closely related to the throat charka that we have integrated it into being known as the 5th chakra. One of the tasks of this chakra is for communication and provide us with a certain inner distance and thus enable us to reflect on our thoughts and actions. 

When this chakra is open and functioning you will be able to express your feelings, thoughts and inner knowledge. You will also feel confident enough to reveal your weakness as well as being able to show your strengths. You will have clear speech and will remain true to yourself. You will be able to say no when required and other peoples opinions will not sway or manipulate you. You will be free of prejudices and express yourself from a deep feeling of completeness and integrity. 


You may find it difficult to reflect your feelings and therefore carry unresolved emotions in thoughts and actions or you may shut yourself off inside your intellect and deny your emotions a right to be expressed. You may fear judgement of others and although you may have deep understanding and knowledge about certain subjects you may be afraid to express your opinion. 


You will be unable to express yourself and could be very quiet and shy and withdrawn. You may feel yourself getting a lump in your throat when you try to voice your feelings or could even have a stutter. If you do not learn to develop this chakra a certain stiffness will set in. The space behind your self-built walls, the space where you spend most of your time, where you express your potential will be small and restrictive because you only accept the external world as valid reality. 


How to cleanse and activate this chakra

Looking at a blue sky will stimulate a reaction within your throat chakra. In order to completely absorb the azure hue, lie down on the ground and relax, opening your inner being to the boundless expanse around you. Feel how your mind opens and clears. The reflection of the blue sky in stretch of clear water will have a widening and liberating effect on your feelings.  


A light and clear shade of blue assigned to the throat chakra by way of either a necklace, scarf or jumper will create calmness and open you up to spiritual inspiration. 

Aquamarine: this colour resembles the sea reflecting a cloudless sky, therefore it will help convert your soul into a mirror reflecting the infinite expanse of your spirit. Its vibration will help to make you receptive to visionary clearness and intuitive understanding. Can aid you with healing powers. 
Turquoise: This colour combines the blue sky and green earth and will help to absorb positive energy and protect our soul and body against negative influences. 

Sage: This tangy fragrance offers its healing vibrations into the “seat of language”. It loosens tensions in the throat allowing us to express what we have to say in a harmonious and energetic way. 
Eucalyptus: This refreshing fragrance oil clears and widens this chakra. Its vibrations open us to our inner voice and lends creativity and naturalness to our means of communication. 


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