Choosing Crystals


Choosing which crystal to use can seem quite a daunting task at first as there are just so many to choose from. Having a crystal guide book is essential if choosing crystals for healing as looking a crystal up for its properties before buying is helpful and you can then find which crystal is ideal to use for the right circumstances. Alternatively, see which crystal attracts you the most. By following your instincts and trusting in your own intuition you will begin to start trusting yourself more. You can then confirm if your choice is correct by dowsing with with a pendulum. (download your free course pendulum dowsing) You can also test this by passing your hand over the crystal to see if you can feel an energetic connection. If you do make a strong energetic connection, you may feel a tingling or an ‘electric’ charge in your  hands or fingers, you may feel a sensation of heat or cold.

PictureClear Quartz – Master Healing Crystal

 If in doubt of which crystal to choose then choose the ‘Master Healer’ of all crystals the ‘Clear Quartz’.


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