3rd Chakra


Colour: Yellow to Golden
Element: Fire
Sense: Sight
Symbols: 10- petalled lotus

Associated Organs: Lower back, digestive system, liver, spleen, gallbladder, abdomen, stomach, nervous system.

Associated Glands: Pancreas (liver).

Astrological signs and planets:

Leo/Sun: Warmth, strength, abundance, power and social status
Sagittarius/Jupiter: Affirmation of life experience, growth and expansion, wisdom, wholeness
Virgo/Mercury: Conformity, selfless serving and direction.  
Mars: Energy and activity, self assertion.

Purpose and Function of 3rd Chakra

The solar plexus chakra represents our sun and our power center. Here we absorb the solar energy which nurtures our ethereal body which in turn helps to maintain and vitalize our physical body. In this area of our body our emotional energy radiates. It is relevant to our relations with others, our likes and dislikes and also the ability to enter into long term relationships and for the most part are controlled by this center. 

For the ordinary person the 3rd chakra represents the foundation of their personality. Here we can find our social identity and social patterns.
The most important part of this chakra consists of purifying the desires and wishes of the lower chakras, consciously controlling and using creative energy and allowing spiritual richness of the higher chakras to manifest in the material world. It is also directly connected to the astral body, which is also known as the center of our wishes and desires. If this chakra is blocked we can feel gloomy or unbalanced. Through the solar plexus chakra we also directly perceive the energies and vibrations of others and react accordingly. 

When this chakra is functioning well you have a sense of peace and inner harmony with yourself in general. You will possess a natural capacity to accept your feeling, your wishes and your experiences and see them in the “right perspective”. You will be full of light and energy and this in turn will protect you from negative vibrations in your environment. If both your inner eye and crown chakra are also open you wishes are often fulfilled spontaneously because you are so closely connected to the energy of light in all things. 


If this chakra is unbalanced you may feel you want to manipulate everything in accordance with your own wishes.  You will be restless and discontent. You may have experienced a lack of acceptance in childhood or adolescent years. You may also naturally strive for material wealth. You are in need of inner serenity and will find it difficult to let go of things and relax. 


If this chakra is blocked you may feel dejected and discouraged. You will see obstacles everywhere that prevent you from achieving your desires. 


How to Cleanse and Activate the 3rd Chakra

Contemplating golden sunlight and the warmth and energy of the solar plexus chakra you will open yourself to its influence and revitalize these same qualities within you. If you look at a sunflower, you will see spiraling patterns while the petals stream out golden light. By immersing yourself in the contemplation of this natural mandala, you will learn that within the inner experience of oneness exists energy and joy. 

Colour Therapy
Clearn sunny yellow colours activate this chakra and help to strengthen our nerves and thoughts, but also help to stimulate contact with others. I will also aid digestion, both on the physical and spiritual plane. It helps to increase mental activity and stimulate wisdom. (learn colour therapy)

Crystal Therapy
Tigers Eye – will help to support inner and outer vision. 
Amber – will help to provide warmth and confidence and can help us to achieve success. 
Topaz – A gold colored topaz enriches us with greater consciousness, alertness and joy. Moreover it will help to carry away negative and gloomy thoughts. Can help to overcome depression. 
Citrine – will produce a general feeling of well-being. On the physical plane is helps to excrete toxic substances and can cure digestion problems and diabetes.  (learn crystal healing)

Lavender is calming and relaxing and can help with hyperactive chakras. 
Rosemary can help overcome inertia in readiness for action. 
Bergamot: This oil which is extracted from the bergamot tree carry a great deal of light. Its fresh and lemon like fragrance will help with self confidence and self assurance.  (learn aromatherapy)

Using chakra stones with a pendulum can help to locate and remove any blocked chakras. Also taking a course in chakra and aura healing is another way to balance and harmonize your chakras on a daily or weekly basis.

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