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positive affirmations

 Positive affirmations are powerful tools to help you manifest what you desire into your life. Have you ever had a day off work and spent the day just thinking then by the end of the day your absolutely exhausted? A day you hoped was for rest has tired you out just by thinking. . If we can see first that thoughts alone are powerful, we can then begin to understand where affirmations sit into this system of using positive thoughts to empower our life. If thoughts can tire you out then surely there is a way they can give you more energy too.

Expanding on the theory that thoughts can give you more energy we must consider that our thoughts also can project onto other people. For example if you are angry and walk into a room of happy people your angry energy could overpower their happy energy and make them angry too. However this can also work the other way round if I were to walk into a room full of angry people bounding with happiness, their energy initially might try overpowering my happy energy but invariably because my energy is positive my happiness will soon flow through the room.

Spending time Focusing on positive thoughts in time will manifest into reality. The power of affirmations can be mind-blowing

Affirmations are simply statements that we make to ourselves, it is our self-talk and we often unintentionally use affirmations all the time. I believe that using positive affirmations can change your life. Think positive and your life will be a success, think negatively and your life will become negative. Using affirmations imprint within your subconscious mind that positive is better than negative.  Successful people think successful thoughts.  How often do you hear of a successful person using the word failure? Sometimes I know it can be very hard to overcome the negative thoughts we have about ourselves but by repeating positive affirmations each day, over and over again, we can subconsciously train our minds to believe what we are saying.

It doesn’t matter which aspect of your life you wish to change, health, prosperity, relationships. Positive affirmations will help

Here are a few short affirmations that are great to use throughout the day – they are easy to remember and get straight to the point. It really doesn’t matter when or where you do them I find the best time to use affirmations are before I go to bed or before I get up. I like to do mine in the bathroom mirror in a morning.

    • ·         I trust that everything comes at the perfect time and in the perfect way.
    • ·         I love who I am
    • ·         I will have a good day today
    • ·         I believe in myself
    • ·         I love and accept myself unconditionally
    • ·      I am a valuable person
    • ·      I deserved to be loved
    • ·      I am capable, smart and competent
    • ·      I carry no negative thoughts and feelings about myself, I have let them go
    • ·      I am the luckiest person I know
    • ·      Money is attracted to me just as naturally as a bee to honey
    •       I am proud of my body and fully confident that I will feel great about the way I look and feel for the rest of my life.

Too often, we stop using affirmations once they’ve made a difference. Try to think of these affirmations like brushing your teeth and it is highly recommended you do a little bit every day if you want good results for the rest of your life. The more you do this the more you will benefit you’ll get from using them. NLP & Life Coaching are great tools to help develop a positive mental attitude in either yourself or clients.

Source Article: Lisa Elsworth

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