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Distant Healing

Can you really heal someone from a distance?

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Many people are natural healers without even being aware of this. When you send out loving thoughts of compassion or love to another person even if they are not in the same room as you but may live far away, you are activating your 4th Chakra (heart chakra), which then allows positive energy to flow from the healer to the sick person.  When we send prayers to ask for healing we are actually sending out our own healing energy.

When distance healing does not work
There can be various reasons why distance healing may not work, for instance the recipient may not be responsive to healing as they may have chosen to come to earth in this particular incarnation to work through some form of sickness of illness for their own purpose. It could be you are offering healing to someone whom is elderly and it maybe that there body has gone too far to be healed. 

How to tell if you are a Natural Healer
Do you find that people are quite often drawn to you, telling your of their troubles? Have you ever been in a public space such as on a bus or train that is almost empty yet find that someone will come and sit beside you and starts chatting. Do you sometimes feel either drained or energised after? Do you find that you can pick up on peoples moods and temperaments? Do you have a natural instinct to know if someone is speaking the truth? – You are a natural healer. 

Conventional v Spiritual Healing
These should be able to work side by side, yet many people will only choose spiritual healing as a last resort. There have been some amazing results when both conventional healing has been offered with the back up of spiritual healing and support and vice versa. 


Absent Healing
It is possible to offer absent healing at any time, however one of the best times is usually before the clients or patients goes to sleep. The reason for this is the patient will be more likely to be a relaxed state thus making them more receptive.

How to Offer Absent Healing
Before you begin have a list at hand of the names of the people you wish to send healing to and their ailments or problem. Sit in a comfortable chair and relax, open up your energy centres (chakras). Bring the light to the top of your head and out through your feet to help to wash away any emanations that you may have of your own. You do not want to be passing anything on of your own to your clients. Request your Angel or Guides to help you whenever possible before proceeding.

Help with Guides
Ask your spiritual guides to draw close to you and feel them in your heart. Next send your guides a mental picture if you have one of your client and their ailment. If you do not know what your client looks like then use their name. Now visualize your clients and patients laughing and doing somersaults or cartwheels to show they are getting well. This is not a set method but one that can work quite well, however the intention to send distance healing is what counts. Therefore you can follow the method described above for healing, or you can use another method that you may feel comfortable with. Some healers for instance visualize each person surrounding by a golden light of healing, others see them dancing or jumping. The choice is yours. For more details of Distance healing you may find that doing Reiki Level 1 & 2 will open you up to this sort of healing.

Working as a Healer
There are many forms of healing and Luna Holistics offers a number of training courses in both natural, spiritual, distance and conventional healing. For a complete list of courses and how to obtain a fully recognised and accredited qualification see our list of HolisticTraining Courses

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