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Meet your guardian angel

How to meet your Guardian Angel

My client wanted to know how to meet her angel. In this case study we discover how I was able to use Angel therapy to aid her in meeting her angel and discovering their name.

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I had my angelic alter prepared for my client, and we chose a time that was convenient for us both, and I informed her to wear loose clothing.  When my client arrived, we had a little chat, about what she wanted/expected from her treatment which we kept to a minimum as, the angels love peace, harmony and joy.

I then asked her to lay on the couch taking off her shoes, then I placed a blanket over her and dimmed the lights, and played some soothing cd.

Lowering my hands slowly onto my clients feet and closing my eyes, I asked her to visualise tiny roots emerging from the souls of her feet and her spine, extending down the into the centre of the earth, there these roots will ground her and make her feel safe,  then I moved up to the top of the bed and placed my hands on her shoulders and asked her to focus on her breathing, taking a few deep breaths slowly breathing in the light and love of the angels, and when she breathes out, exhale all of her stress and tension.

Asking her to focus her attention on her body, travelling down to her right foot and leg, as she focused on this I asked her to tighten the muscles then release, letting go of all the tension that has built up, then to repeat the same on the left leg , then move up and focus on her abdomen and again tighten and release any tension she has there, next I asked her to move her attention to her chest area, focusing on this area and again tighten and release to release any tension, then I asked her to place her attention onto her shoulders and pull them forwards and upwards toward her ears then release back down, taking away any tension as she released, this was then followed by asking her to wriggle both of her hands and fingers to release any tension, followed by asking her to gently move her neck from side to side and release any tension that she had in her neck.

When this was all complete, and I could see that her breathing was shallower than when we started the treatment, I waited for a few minutes and then I placed my hands gently onto her head and asked her to visualise her entire body absorbing and filling up with the loving and protective light from the angels, feeling their rays of light flowing from the top of her head down to her feet and along the way gently removing any blockages, and feeling relax knowing they are with you.

pink rose

I gently lowered my hands and replaced them near to her heart area and I visualised a pink rose around this are and gently opening up 1 petal at a time and each petal as it opened to be filled with unconditional love, and explained to her that this is where her guardian angel will connect to her, I then informed my client to ask her and invite her guardian angel in, I allowed a few minutes for her to get attuned to the presence of her Guardian Angel, then I asked her to ask her Guardian Angel what was her name, wait for a few minutes until she gave her a name, then to ask her any questions that she had.

I allowed her a few minutes to receive any answers and to be in the light and love of her Guardian Angel. She looked so relaxed and peaceful, we were then ready to return to the here and now, so I asked her to thank her Guardian Angel for all the guidance, protection and love she had received that day and to continue every further days of her life, I then counted very slowly down from ten to one, and by the time I reach the number one she will be aware of her physical body again.

Whilst I was counting down from 10 to one, I slowing started to release my hands from her heart area until they were completely away from my client, once this was complete I swept my hands over my clients body from her head to her feet drawing the energy down her body and out through her feet, whilst I was doing this I said to her – when she wakes she will feel refreshed, alert full of peace and love, and asked her in her own time to slowly open her eyes and to lay still for a while to be able to get focused back in the room, I left her there lying on the couch which enable me time to get her a glass of water.

Results and Client Feedback –

When I went back into the room she was quite tearful, which I explained was quite normal and not to be alarmed by any experience she had during this treatment, once she was sitting up and in a chair I asked her if there was anything she experienced and did she want to tell me, she informed me that she felt this warming feeling and could see the rays of white lights beaming towards her, we had more tears, she did have a name given to her but at this time she did not want to disclose it to me until she felt that she could do so, I explained that this was ok, she wanted to return again in a few weeks to have a further treatment and to experience more.

Aftercare – I informed her to take things easy over the next few days, today to drink plenty of water and if she could to rest, and if she felt anything to write it down, and we could explore that at her next treatment.  She informed me that she was utterly overwhelmed with the experience of finding her Guardian Angel and was going to do some research into the name she was given.

Follow up consultation

My client followed up her previous appointment as she wanted to know more about the Archangels and she wanted to learn more about each individual Archangel, so I decided to start by helping her to contact Archangel Michael, as he is known as a healing angel, he can also assist with spiritual protection, removing negativity thinking, removing fears, courage, and strength.

angel with purple wings

Prior to her attending her appointment, I made sure that my alter was already set with a statue of Archangel Michael on it, as this is who my client wanted to be connected to during her treatment. When she arrived I asked her how she felt after her last treatment, she replied that she found it amazing in the following days after, and wanted to know how to get more connected to each individual archangel, this was her reason for this appointment.

I put on some gentle and soothing music, the candles were already lit, and the room had been cleansed, I then asked her to lay on the couch and I covered her with a blanket to make her feel safe, secure and warm so that she could relax and enjoy this treatment in connecting to Archangel Michael.  I then began asking her to make herself as comfortable as she could, close her eyes and then to breathe deeply through her nose for a count of four, hold that breath for four and then to breath out slowly through her mouth for a count of 6, and then to repeat this process for a further three time.

Whilst she was doing this if she felt anything change like the temperature of the room, goose bumps, warm feelings, different colours not to be alarmed as this was natural.

I then placed my hands onto her shoulders, I then informed her that I was going to call for Archangel Michael, saying his name a few times over, and asking him to protect her, be by her side, give her courage and be true to herself, place his blue coat around her and give her a sign that you were with her.

I kept my hands on her shoulders for approximately 20 minutes feeling her warmth coming through my hands, after this time I thanked Archangel Michael for coming today, letting my client feel his presence and to know how she can call on him whenever she needs to.

I gently removed my hands from my client and asked her to gently open her eyes and just to lay quietly for a while, whilst she was laying on the couch I left the room to get her a glass of water, when I re-entered the room she was sitting back on the chair I gave her the water, and we gently spoke about what she had felt.  She informed me that she saw sparks of bright blue/purple colours in her closed eyes, she felt very warm especially when I asked Archangel Michael to wrap his blue coat around her for protection then she knew he was with her and knew that she now knew how to call upon him if she needed him.

I then informed her about Archangel Michael, in how he could help her in various situations, if she needed strength, courage to get through any unpleasant times, he can also help heal friends and love ones with spiritual healing, give her guidance in any face anything new in her life which she may not be sure of.

Archangel Michael could help her remove fears and negative thinking, there is a powerful and calming presence with Archangel Michael.  He is always dressed in blue and always carries a sword, holding the scales of justice or carrying the blue flame for protection. I informed her that she could call on any of the Archangels in the same was as we called in Archangel Michael, she did not need to be lying on a couch it could be anywhere.

Aftercare – I informed her to continue drinking water, to cleanse her body and if she could have a light meal and possibly rest.

Client reaction – she was so overwhelmed at what had happened and felt so alive, and that she now knew how to connect with the angels.

If you would like to learn more about angels then our online angel healing course and advanced angel therapy for those of you whom already have a good understanding of angels is a great way to learn more especially if wishing to work with your angels and guides.

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