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Celtic Cross Tarot Case Study

Tarot Case Study – Celtic Cross

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My Client is a new neighbour of mine who I have had no more than two or three brief conversations with so I knew very little about her.  I knew only that she is a full time student and lives on her own with two young children.

Before we began I went through the different tarot spreads I could do and asked Client if there was anything in particular she wanted to know.  She said there wasn’t so I decided to start with the Celtic Cross Spread for a general read.

I asked her to shuffle the cards very thoroughly.  She then spread them right across the table before picking each card and placing it where I asked her to create the Celtic cross spread.

Turning over the cards it was obvious from a general glance that not only was the overall appearance very positive but also quite prominently cups and relationship orientated. Client confirmed at this point that she had just started a new relationship in which she was very happy.

No. 1 Card relating to the client’s  present situation was The Sun which I confirmed to Client was one of joy happiness and general contentment which she agreed was how she felt that everything was going right now.

No. 2 card the immediate challenges card was The World.  I felt that she was entering into a new cycle in her life where everything was going right but she may have been reluctant to embrace this due to past circumstances.  She said that because of  her previous relationship and she had two young children she was treading warily.  She had recently moved and was also studying at University for a new career so lots of changes.

No 3 card representing the client’s distant past was the Page of Cups.  I asked her if she had known a young man possibly a water sign or had a relationship with.  At first she thought of her son but I wondered if it was her previous partner and as it turns out it was as he was a Cancerian who was very controlling and sometimes violent with mental health issues.

No. 4 card recent past was the High Priestess.   I asked her if she had had or currently had a strong woman in her life who maybe helped or hindered her progress.  In fact the two sisters of her previous partner were very important and still are very important in her life and whilst one was encouraging her to leave her previous partner the other was telling her that she should stick with him no matter what.

No. 5 card representing the best outcome was the King of Cups which I believe represented the best outcome she wanted with her previous partner.  She would like him to get help for his mental health issues and start taking responsibility for the children as his current attitude was one that if he didn’t have them all as a family he didn’t want to know the children.

No. 6 card representing the immediate future was The Lovers.  We agreed this was a very positive card representing her new relationship.

No. 7 card factors affecting the situation was 10 cups.  Again I explained this was an excellent card relating to relationships and family confirming success and happiness.

No. 8 card relating to surrounding influences was The Moon.  I said this relates to deception.  I told her not to worry but just to be aware that things may not always be as they first seemed and to just keep her eyes open and be aware but continue as all should be well in the end.

No. 9 card of hopes, fears and inner emotions was The Emperor.  This represented an authority figure or control which she confirmed was her biggest fear,  one of losing control and being bullied again.

No. 10 card representing the final outcome was the Page of Swords.   I felt sure that this represented her new partner and sure enough it turns out that he is an Aquarius – an air sign, eager to learn, good communicator, adaptable  and intelligent.   She confirmed that they had great conversations and as a Leo she was appreciating that unlike her previous partner she could talk to him about anything.

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