How to Keep Your Immune System Strong

How to Keep Your Immune System Strong?

Irregular sleep schedules, excessive work pressure, stress and junk food affect our immunity and stamina. And low resistance opens up a pandora’s box of ailments for us. Your body is vulnerable to infections, viral attacks, and other illnesses. Something as simple as a common cold can escalate into a severe problem.

The recent rise of the COVID-19 pandemic only adds on to the panic. People with low immunity are most vulnerable to the coronavirus. Speaking from experience, I can say that a few essential changes can truly turn your life around. Incorporate these simple tips to boost your immunity and overall strength.

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Get enough sleep

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise”. This saying holds relevance not just for children but adults as well. A balanced routine affects your physical and mental productivity. Studies prove how the body and brain need ample rest to cope with the pressures of the following day. You must get 6-7 hours of shuteye every night. Proper rest is necessary to energise the body, making you alert and aware.

Night’s sleep is also vital for repairing and rejuvenating the body. It gives your body the space to heal and cure itself. Not getting enough sleep often leads to psychological problems, headaches, indigestion, and low immunity. Ensure that you get enough sleep every night and avoid taking sporadic naps during the day

Eat right
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies weaken the body beyond measure. Loss of nutrition increase in cholesterol and blood sugar poses even serious problems for the body. With a few simple changes though, you can turn this problem around. All you need to do is follow a strict diet. Keep an eye on what you eat and how much food you consume throughout the day. And remember, dieting is not about starving yourself. It is more about eating lesser portions at frequent intervals.

Also, hydration is essential. Take enough fluids during the day for proper digestion and metabolism. You can also take supplements for vitamins C, B, E, A, and other deficiencies. Adequate diet ensures that your body gets all the fuel needed to stay fit—the trick to eat everything in moderation.

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Sweat it out
Only eating the right food is not enough if you don’t burn the calories thus gained. Obesity is a glaring issue in most urban spaces. People rely entirely on junk food, full of oil, sugar, and fat. It is important to sweat out all the weight to keep your body in shape, for being overweight triggers a series of issues in the future. High blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, heart attacks, joint pain- the list is endless.

Consult a dietician to have a diet chart. Also, join the gym, go for morning walks to lose all the kilos. Weight loss adds on to your stamina, flexibility, and overall movement. It also makes you more productive, proactive, and perseverant. There are tell-tale signs that point out to low immunity in the body. Get medical help ASAP if you feel chills, fever, nausea, fainting spells, and severe diarrhoea.

Avoid addictive substances
In recent years, we see a rising trend of people using drugs regularly. Alcohol, smoking, and other substances are rampant. These influences give you an instant high and hence are so addictive. However, there’s a dark side to these addictions you need to look out for. Alcohol and cigarettes, for instance, can cause several kidney, liver, and lung-related troubles.

You can try yoga or meditation to reduce the stress levels and cope with the rising pressures at work. Regular breathing exercises keep you calm, reducing your dependence on these addictive substances.


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Maintain personal hygiene
This is one of the most common and effective ways of protection against diseases. Every day, your body is exposed to many microorganisms. These bacterial, viral infections enter through the skin pores, eyes, nose, and mouth. And in most cases, the organisms spread through direct contact. Therefore, you must maintain personal hygiene at all times.

Wash your hands with soaps, keep sanitizers with you at all times. Also, ensure that all surfaces, utensils etc. are correctly disinfected. It reduces the risk of infection tenfold. Keep the kitchen counters, toilets and other spots clean as well. It safeguards your health and the safety of your loved ones.

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Natural homemade remedies to boost immunity
Several everyday common ingredients from your kitchen have hidden medical perks. Adding these remedies to your meals is an affordable way to stay healthy. Herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, turmeric are some popular flavour agents you can pick from. Other fruits and veggies replenish the nutrient deficiency in the body. Having enough vitamins minerals keep your bones healthy.

These ingredients are natural to access and readily available at any store. When you walk into any supermarket, you can find the aisle marked “medicinal herbs”. These ingredients boost the production of antibodies. These antibodies, in turn, fight the bacterial infections, triggering the healing process. You are less prone to colds, aches and ailments.

The bottom line
The medical field has come a long way over the past decade. Better services, patient care and diagnosis, ensure a higher success rate to treat diseases. Our natural defence mechanism is strong enough to protect us against common infections. These immunity-boosting tips only enhance our inner strength. It equips us to fight against ailments and come out victorious and healthy.


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