Online Therapy: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

Are there Benefits to Online Therapy?

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New technologies facilitate therapy from home, which has the same efficacy as face-to-face and which can help alleviate anxiety or coexistence problems derived from this exceptional situation.


Having online therapy offers you several benefits like time-saving etc. If you are interested to know more about online therapy, keep reading this article. In this article, we have provided you some interesting and useful information.


If we could sum up our current world in a single word, it could be in a hurry. Our whole life revolves around a busy schedule and full of deadlines. We are always running, everything has to be resolved as soon as possible.


We cannot sleep for eight hours a night because we will delay our work. We do not do physical exercises because they are a “luxury”, something for those who have time left.


We don’t have dinner with our families because the game will be over soon and we want to watch it on our sofas.


We are not subject to long-term relationships because life is short and we must enjoy it with as many partners as we can.


This pattern of rush-based behavior, while popular, creates a disconnect in our lives. We become more and more oblivious to our own needs and the world around us.


Thus, we favor the development of conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, and other disorders, in addition to the inability to deal with the harsh realities of life, such as the loss of loved ones and traumatic events in general.

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For these reasons, many people are unable to cope with their emotions and living conditions and seek help in therapy.


Therapy is the set of practices aimed at bringing health and harmony to the patient’s life.


The therapist uses understanding, analysis, and intervention practices to help the patient face conflicts and deal with mental disorders, contributing to the consolidation of mental health.


Through therapy, we connect with our “true selves”, find our essence, and feel more confident to show it to the world, improve our creativity, recover our self-esteem and self-esteem, and evolve in our relationships.


Online Therapy – What Is It?


Conventionally, the therapy is carried out in offices, with an interaction between patient and therapist, in real-time. However, with the advancement of technologies, the internet is configured as a great channel for treatment, through online therapy.


The online therapy is the contact distance between professionals and patients with the same goals of face therapy.


The purpose of this form of treatment is to offer a more “accessible” version of therapy for people, without loss of quality. Currently, there are two forms of online therapy: synchronous and asynchronous therapy.


Synchronous therapy is one in which the patient and therapist mark a time to talk online. It can be through video calls on Skype or other applications.


It is a communication that takes place live, with both connected to a platform at the same time.


The asynchronous therapy differs from the synchronous because her communication is not instantaneous.


The patient can communicate with the therapist through the platforms when needed, and the therapist responds as soon as he is available, or on a pre-established day or time.


Check out the 5 main benefits of online therapy below:


1. Practicality


For online therapy, the patient does not necessarily need to leave their home. In most cases, only the cell phone or computer is sufficient for consultations or conversations with therapists.


This comfort encourages disinhibition, since we can feel more comfortable in known environments, preserves privacy, as we do not need to go to offices and wait in public environments, and it is a form of integration for those who live far from large centers and do not have easy access to clinics or therapy professionals.


2. Little interference with the routine


Many people use the excuse of the running routine for not seeking the help they need to live better.


However, online therapies help in this regard. Conversations with therapists are made during the patient’s time, without the need to travel, which avoids wear and tear and helps to optimize time.


3. Lower cost


It offers a lower price compared to face-to-face consultations because the offices include maintenance fees for the physical space in the amount of the consultation. The patient also has expenses with travel.


4. Possibility to find a therapist specialized in your needs


The patients are directed to the most qualified specialists to meet their specific difficulties.


Therefore, the professional who will assist you will be specialized in your fragile areas, being able to help in a specific way, contributing to a complete evolution of your 5 ways to improve quality of life for seniors


5. Anonymity Option


As much as online therapy has the advantage of communicating via electronic devices, some people do not like to “put a face” to their problems, preferring to keep their identity preserved.


For this reason, online therapy gives the user the freedom to remain anonymous, without having to register their name or personal information, and the use of nicknames is accepted.


Seeking specialized help and discussing these feelings with a professional is a way for those who want to deal with the stress of the routine better. At many online therapies, it is possible to do therapy online every day, via smartphone or computer, anonymously, without having to make an appointment.

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