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Knowing When To Hit The Spiritual Reset Button

Is it time to hit the Spiritual Reset Button


If you want to achieve your goals, then a spiritual reset may be just the thing you need. Think of a spiritual reset as though it were a form of detox for your mind and spirit. It allows you the chance to stop. Of course, this can be uncomfortable. It forces you to face past mistakes and failures that you may have made. However, it also allows you to confront those head on, make peace with them and begin to plan new goals for yourself.

The key to a successful reset of the spirit is to do it regularly. Allow your reset to become embedded in your daily routine and something which you do regularly. Crucially, in order for you to successfully reset your spirit, you need to be present in the moment. Learning to regularly pause, take stock and refresh your mind and spirit each day will allow you to lead a much healthier life, mentally, emotionally and physically.

How To Engage In A Spiritual Reset

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  • Step 1. The first step is to find the time and space (both mentally and physically) to engage in spiritual reset practice. Set some time aside, as you would do if you were to do some exercise.
  • Step 2. “Take some time first thing in the morning and schedule in some meditation or prayer,” says Eva Henshaw, a health writer at Assignment Help and State Of Writing. “For instance, you might choose to focus on some daily devotional or some biblical scripture. Or perhaps you want to simply sit and focus on your breath or even a specific body part. Just take some time each morning to do this. It’s about taking that time at the start of your day to prepare your mind and spirit for the day ahead.”
  • Step 3. Taking a quick reset during your lunch break can help you to reset following your morning activities. This can be especially effective and important if you have had a challenging morning. This doesn’t need to be a long pause. Simply one or two minutes to engage in some daily devotional or meditation is all you need. The focus is to provide you with the opportunity to let go of the morning’s activities and allow you to continue your day refreshed.
  • Step 4. Doing a final reset before bedtime is very important. Taking a few minutes before bed to engage in a quick prayer or some meditation can help you to let go of all the stress and worries from the day. It is important to let this all go before you fall asleep so as to help you get a restful night’s sleep.
  • “Some people also find it useful to engage in a fire ritual, such as New Vesta,” explains Michael Shore, a spiritual blogger at Academized and Paper Fellows. “This ritual involves lighting a candle in a silent, dark room. You then focus only on the light of the flames and clear your mind. The purpose of this practice is to provide you with enhanced clarity and tranquility. It’s almost a hybrid between self-therapy and meditation. You can disconnect from your problems and take an emotional and mental pause in which you can reset and focus on the changes you want to make.”

Remember that you can take a spiritual reset at any time of the day. Whenever you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, stressed or simply running out of internal space, take some time for yourself. A couple of minutes is all you need. Stop, take a moment to say a prayer or focus on your breathing and then return to your task or activity. Some people also find it therapeutic to physically release their ideas and feelings by writing in a journal. This also provides you with a record of your spiritual growth.

Start Today

A spiritual reset is an important way to allow your mind to renew and refresh itself continuously. It provides you with the necessary space and time to clear out all the spiritual waste that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and allows you to live in the present moment. Consistent and regular practice is essential. By developing a healthy spirit and mind, you will find that your physical health and overall well-being will be naturally improved too.

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