Hopi Ear Candling Case Study



Details of treatment

Before the client arrives the room is prepared.  This is achieved by ensuring the lighting is relaxing, 
room candles are lit and the room temperature is at a comfortable temperature.  I ensure that I have 
everything that I need, candles, glass for putting out candles and consultation form.   When the client arrives she was greeted and shown into the therapy room , coat and bag taken and put out of the way and gestured to sit down.  We then went through the consultation form checking for any contra indications.  Client had recently had a tonsillectomy but no ear surgery.  We discussed what the client wanted out of the treatment and her expectations.  She had also suffered from a cold and still felt quite bunged up.  Client signed consultation form to confirm what she had told me.  Client was then asked to get on the couch and lay on her side.  I ensured that she was comfortable before I started the treatment. I used a liquid antibacterial hand wash.  Before putting the candle in the ear I ensured that I had everything to hand on my trolley, candles, lighter, water to extinguish, damp cotton wool (in case of excess ear wax) and some couch roll.  Client is relaxed and ready for treatment.  The candle is inserted into the ear and turned slightly.  The candle is lit – there was some smoke coming out from the ear so I slightly turned the candle again ensuring that there was no pain to the client and that it was still comfortable for her.

The candle is left to burn, I did ask a few times during this if the client was comfortable.  When the candle had burned down to the line I firstly told the client that it had finished, gently took it out of their ear and lighted end placed in the in the water and then left on the side to discuss after the full treatment.
After laying for a few minutes the client is asked to turn over onto the other side.  I ensured she was comfortable.  I also checked she was warm enough before I continued.  Second candle was placed into the ear and turned.  It was then lit, slightly twisted again ensuring the client was ok with this.  The candle was left to burn ensuring a couple times once again that the client was ok.  When it got down to the burn line I informed the client that it had finished and that I was going to take out the candle.
Candle was taken out and extinguished in the water and left on the side. After a few minutes I asked the client to turn over on to her back.  I again washed my hands using the antibacterial wash before starting on the lymphatic facial massage.  I gently placed my hands on the side of the clients head and with the fleshy part of my thumbs gently moving up between the eyes and across the top of the brow, I repeated this a couple of times more.  I then placed my thumbs on the nose and gently moved across under the eyes, once again I repeated this a couple of times.  I then moved over towards the ears gently moving up and down in front of the ears for a couple of minutes, then behind the ears for a couple of minutes and then massage the ear lobe.  I slowly moved my hands down to the jaw bone moving along the jaw bone and only slightly down towards the throat due to the clients recent surgery I did not want to cause her any pain.  I did repeat the facial massage again to give ultimate benefit of the treatment to the client.  I checked the client was ok and told her to lie there for a few minutes while I left the room to get her a glass of water.  On my return I told the client to slowly sit up on the
couch, offering her assistance if she needed and gave her the glass of water to drink to help her rehydrate.  I told her when she was ready to get off the couch and take a seat.  At this point I told her that I was going to open the candle to see what the candle had done.  We were both quite surprised by the amount of wax that had actually been drawn out of both ears.  We talked about the treatment, how she felt whilst the treatment was happening.   Due to timings and commitments the client rebooked another treatment for 2 weeks time.  I thanked the client for coming  and showed her out. I then cleaned down the area, disposed of the candles and prepared the couch for my next client.


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