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Example Case study of a Remote Healing –

My client phoned me in July for a general hello and as she was speaking with me I was having difficulty breathing.   As I’m an empath I can feel the caller’s pain.  I then proceeded to ask her if she was short of breath as I was getting short of breath speaking with her. She replied yea. She had been feeling this way for several weeks and was unsure why. I was also getting a headache
and asked her if she had a headache and she said yes, this had been with her for about 2 weeks and she was unable to get rid of it.  I called in the angels and was told that she was under some psychic attack and a clearing of her energy was required. This came through as thoughts.

To confirm my intuition I took out my angel cards.

Angel Reading with Cards

Drew was to “clear your energy”.  This was confirmation that what I heard was correct. I then proceeded to ask my client if she was able to sit in a comfortable and quiet place which she confirmed she could. I asked her to take 3 slow  inhalations and exhalations and I then called upon
Archangel Michael to come and clear her energy and cut any chords from psychic attack, negative energy and to cleanse her aura.  In my mind’s eye I could see Archangel Michael cutting away at the chords and her aura was murky and could see this being cleared also.  My client then started to say
that she could feel some heaviness being lifted from her head.  She said that she was feeling a little lighter.  I told her that I would call upon Archangel Michael again later on that night to ensure that all is lifted and I would call her in the morning to follow up on how she was feeling.

I was also told from the angels that she needed a full angel therapy session as there were many factors that they wanted to help her with.  I conveyed this to her but told her I would discuss this further the next day.

The next day I phoned my client to follow up on her progress and she said she couldn’t believe it. Her headache was almost gone and she didn’t feel the heaviness she had been feeling.  She was still experiencing some anxiety.  I asked her if she would like to have an Angel Therapy  session and she said yes but as she was unable to come to see me we made an appointment for over the phone for for the following week.

While she was on the phone she proceeded to tell me about her daughter. She is 7. I asked her to hold on, before she said anything I was shown by the angels a vision of  her
daughter crying at school, sitting by herself.

I relayed this to my client and she said, YES!  I then was told that no one wanted to play with her at school and that she would sit and each her lunch alone.She said yes and she was unsure what to do about it. I then told her to purchase some stones for her to build her confidence.


I told her to purchase some Ametrine, Amethyst to help her communicate as she is very shy.  And rose quartz to balance her emotions. I told her to let her daughter know that they are her special stones and to keep them in her pocket all the time.  I would follow up to see how
she was for the angel therapy session.  My client sounded so blown away by the information she received and couldn’t believe I could know this about her daughter.

angel wings

On the Saturday for the Angel Therapy session, before I called my client I did a 30 min meditation to clear all my thoughts and to channel her angels. Once my meditation cd was over, I prayed to the Angels to protect us and to bring in my clients angels to help her with what she needed to know.

I then called my client and asked her how she was feeling.  Her headaches had totally gone the day after the last phone call made to her and her daughter was feeling better and things started to Improve at school with her being able to play with other children.

I then proceeded to say that the angels were communicating that she was drinking far too much coffee and needed to cut back as this was what was causing her anxiety.

She said she had just started having coffee every day and didn’t really know why. She was taking notes of our conversation so she wouldn’t forget what was being communicated. I then began to scan her Chakras and found that her root chakra was blocked.

I then was told that there was some insecurity and worry in relation to money and she then said yes as her husband was changing jobs and was forced to take a big pay cut and she was very worried about it. I told her the angels had communicated that all would be ok and that they were sending her additional make up jobs to be able to help with the change in circumstances.  I was also shown that her husband loved making coffee and she said yes, he just said the other day that his dream job would be to work in a café and be a Barista.  The angels asked that he pursued his dream and at least tried to attend a course after Work to make a start.

I asked Archangel Metatron to come through and cleanse all of my clients chakra’s with his cube and open any blockages. I then called upon Archangel Michael to release any fearful thoughts of my clients to heaven and also called in Archangel Jophiel to beautify my clients thoughts.

The angels also asked that my client conduct a cleanse of her home.  My client has the gift of seeing spirit as if they were walking in front of her and often they will be attracted to her energy.   As she has many clients come through her home for make up they suggested it be a good idea to cleanse any residue energy.  I helped my client to understand how to use a Sage stick to cleanse her home.

There was also some other matters that the angels discussed in relation to her relationship with her sisters and this helped my client to understand specific behaviours that were happening. My angel therapy session also ended up having spirit come forth and my clients grandfather came Forth with many messages. At the end of the session, I told my client if she could please be in contact to let me know how she Was doing after the session and told her that she should feel a whole lot better energetically in the Next few days.

My client phoned me a few days later to let me know that she was feeling fantastic,full of energy, no anxiety and she had stopped having coffee. She was also blessed with multiple new make up clients.  She said she was no longer worried about money and had asked the angels for help.  She also conducted a cleanse on her home and said that the whole family was sleeping better.  She said thank you so much and that she had referred me to her family.

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