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Crystal Therapy Case Study – How to balance chakras


Crystal Therapy Chakra Balancing Case study

Crystal Healing Consultation

Based upon the consultation, I felt that the client would benefit from a crystal treatment that had a combination of clearing negative energy and to install positive energy whilst being able to open and balance her chakras.

I explained to Client that during the treatment she will have crystals placed around her and on her body (for the chakra balancing), she may experience a change in temperature, sensations as a result of energy flowing and changing. Client was happy with the proposed treatment.

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For the clearing part of the treatment, Client selected a large clear quartz crystal

Choice of Crystals
For the installing and balancing of the chakras, Client selected an Amethyst for her crown chakra; a Smokey Quartz for her third eye chakra; a Sodalite for her throat chakra; a Rose Quartz and an Emerald for heart chakra; a Citrine for her solar plexus chakra; a Hematite for her sacral chakra and a Red Jasper for her root/base chakra.

Client was escorted and assisted on to the treatment couch, lying on her back, all jewellery was removed with consent. I explained to Client that I will be grounding the both of us in order to protect us from any potential negative energy that can be passed between us.

After grounded myself by imagining tree roots extending from the soles of my feet into Mother Earth. I asked Client to close her eyes and relax by taking a few deep breathes and grounded her through the same exercise I used for myself.

Dowsing & Programming

I assessed Client’s chakras by dowsing a pendulum. I programmed the pendulum to rotate in a clockwise circle when a chakra is open and balanced and to rotate anticlockwise when a chakra is closed. My findings were: Client’s crown chakra was open; her third eye chakra was open; her throat chakra was open but the pace of the pendulum had slowed down; her heart chakra was closed; her solar plexus chakra was open but the pace of the pendulum was very slow; her sacral chakra was closed; her root/base chakra partially open.

I began to place all the crystals that Client had chosen to balance her Chakras: Amethyst for her crown chakra; a Smokey Quartz for her third eye chakra; a Sodalite for her throat chakra; a Rose Quartz and an Emerald for heart chakra; a Citrine for her solar plexus chakra; a Hematite for her sacral chakra and a Red Jasper for her root/base chakra.

I placed a large clear quartz crystal a few inches above Client’s crown chakra, ensured that the point was pointing away from the body in order to clear away the negative energy. In the space between the Amethyst (at her crown) and the large clear quartz that was facing away from her body, I placed another clear quartz crystal facing down towards Client’s body.

Using Clear Quartz

With a clear quartz crystal in my right hand, I made small circles starting from the top, passed down Clients Left side and up her right side. I did this exercise three times. I left Client for 20 minutes with the chakra layout, during this time, with a terminated clear quartz crystal, I went to each of her chakras, a clockwise direction I put positive healing energy. I repeated this three times. I got my pendulum to reassess Clients chakras, they were open and balanced. I removed the crystals.

Closing Chakras

I closed her chakras. In order to seal her energy fields I visualised she has been sealed by a golden light, in clockwise direction using my hands I went around Client until I returned back to the top. I repeated this three times. The final part was when I placed my hands over Client’s crown chakra and visualised the energy grounding her through the exercise I did at the start of the treatment. I gave Client a few more minutes to relax and asked to wake up in her own time.


After a few minutes, Client woke up and had some water to drink. I asked her how she was feeling: she felt very relaxed and spaced out. She did experience a mild headache, I explained that it was due to the toxins being moved out from her body and for her to drink plenty of water. I asked her if she had experienced any sensations during her treatment she said she did experience a warm and pleasant sensation after the crystals were put on her chakras. She felt rebalanced, uplifted, relaxed and grounded. She would like to have weekly crystal treatments. She felt very connected.

Aftercare advice given to Client was: to relax following the treatment; to drink plenty of water; to eat a light meal and to avoid heavy meals; to avoid/reduce caffeine and alcohol intake; the use of crystals and relaxation techniques at home; the potential contra-actions that she may experience dizziness, headache, nausea/vomiting, change in body temperature, slight fatigue, increased thirst, heightened emotions and mood changes more variable. They are all part of the healing crisis.

Follow up

Since then Client has been having regular crystal treatments. She feels that her vibration has increased. She is a lot more relaxed. She feels grounded. She bought the crystals that were used for her chakras because she felt connected with them. During a session we programmed them to her needs and they are helping her. The crystals she bought were: Amethyst – programmed to aid her spiritual awareness; Smokey quartz – programmed to relax her, to increase her tolerance to stress; Sodalite – programmed to keep her calm and to dispel rigid thoughts, patterns and phobias; Rose Quartz – programmed to love herself and others unconditionally; Emerald – programmed to encourage harmony, friendship and unconditional love; Citrine – programmed to increase her self-confidence; Hematite – programmed to keep her grounded and optimistic during stressful situations that may come up and Red Jasper – programmed to stimulate her determination and courage.

rose quarts crystals

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